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5 Muslim-Owned Kanafeh Deliveries In SG For A Sweet & Cheesy Treat


Shasha Dania •  Jun 19, 2020


Sweet, savoury, yet simple - there's nothing like a well-done kanafeh (also known by many spellings including kunafeh, kunafa, kenefeh and more ?) to make your day a little brighter! There are many variations of this Middle Eastern and Turkish dessert depending on which country you're in, but what makes it so irresistible is its sugar syrup topping, cheesy layers, and the crunch of phyllo noodles or semolina flour for some texture. Some versions even include pistachio nuts, orange blossom water, or rose petals! Without further ado, here are 5 Muslim home bakers in Singapore whom you can order some unforgettable kanafeh from. ?
1. Awesomesauce
The baker behind Awesomesauce used to live in the Middle East so you can be sure that her kanafeh is as authentic as it gets! You can choose between 3 fillings: cream, stretchy cheese, or pistachio cheese with chocolate. ? It even comes in 3 sizes (6, 8, or 10 inch rounds) that are perfect for sharing - or even keeping it all to yourself ?. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram
2. Hulwayat Sweets & Delights
What better way to get authentic, amazing Arabian food than by going to an Arabian chef? ? Hulwayat Sweets & Delights is run by an Arab living in Singapore, and one bite of their kanafeh will make you feel like you're halfway around the world. The sugar syrup and cream even arrive packed separately from the pastry so you can adjust the sweetness to your liking! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM or Whatsapp 87831234 Instagram
3. Künafeh Nest By NH
Run by an Egyptian chef, Künafeh Nest By NH brings you only the most genuine kanafeh around. The best part is you can either order it freshly made, or pre-order a frozen kanafeh to keep for later! ? Sounds like a dream come true especially if you're preparing for a special celebration. They even have a nutella kanafeh for some chocolatey goodness, and don't miss out on their mohalabiya too! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM (Freshly baked kanafeh) or online form (Frozen kanafeh) Instagram
4. Thesweetsadvocate_sg
If you're looking for a dessert that's visually stunning, look no further! Thesweetsadvocate_sg's kanafeh is topped with a generous sprinkling of pistachio nuts and rose petals that's fragrant as well as beautiful. They also have an OL'spice kanafeh that's made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Perfect for a late-night snack paired with some warm tea and the company of loved ones. ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram
5. Fifteen
Unfortunately I can't find a photo of Fifteen's kanafeh to show you. ? But I recently ordered it for a friend (who lived in the Middle East for a few years and loves kanafeh) and apparently it tastes about as authentic as it can get! Crunchy, cheesy, and sweet, my friend and their family polished off the entire plate in a few minutes. Kanafeh isn't a regular offering on Fifteen's menu so if you get the chance to order it you should definitely give it a try! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram Whether you've been craving a slice of kanafeh ever since your trip to Turkey, or you're just looking for a new dessert to try out, we promise you'll fall in love with every bite. ?