This Is Where You Can Find Singapore's First Ice Blended Sugarcane Juice (In A Halal Cafe!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Nov 06, 2021

If you're a fan of bubble tea AND sugarcane juice, you're going to love this one. A hidden gem in Pasir Ris has created Singapore's very first ice blended sugarcane juice! Now you get to enjoy all the benefits of our favourite sugarcane drink in the form of bubble tea ?

Singapore's Only Ice Blended Sugarcane Juice

Just across Pasir Ris' Downtown East is a little cafe called Richton. It's halal-certified and sells pretty delicious old-school, homemade-tasting dishes. From Nasi Lemak to Fish & Chips, there's a little something for everyone. And they're all affordable!

However, this hidden gem holds a little known secret. It sells Singapore's only Ice Blended Sugarcane Juice! If you're coming here to eat a meal, don't ignore the drinks stall. Run by two close friends, these drink connoisseurs are masters at making drinks.

And for all who love sugarcane, they're the only shop in Singapore to sell Ice Blended Sugarcane. A mix of Singaporean flavour and all that we love (bubble tea!), this is a treat that'll leave you in love. Perfect for warm weather, it goes at only $3.20 for a small and $3.70 for a large.

P.S. You may also choose to add toppings such as nata de coco in your drink, or add an extra lemon slice for just 50 cents! ?

Ingredients are freshly bought to make you the perfect concoction. Balancing sweet and sour perfectly, this fresh sugarcane really bring out the flavours in this special ice blended mix.

While you're there, if you're a fan of all things sweet, try their Strawberry Snow. Made with real strawberry jam, this is a treat that is hard to beat!

They've also got a Christmas special coming up. It's made of blueberry, milk and an adorable little ice bear made of blue pea! An unlikely combination, if you ask me. P.S. It tastes like bubblegum ? It's launching some time mid-November, so do keep a look out.

Perfect for anyone who loves bubble tea, sugar cane, or exploring new drinks, you definitely don't want to miss out on this hidden gem! Share this with a friend to have a taste of Singapore's only Ice Blended Sugarcane Juice ?

Richton Cafe

Halal Status: Halal-Certified