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Here's Your Chance To Learn Halal Recipes Of Famous Food From Different Cultures In SG


Faruq Senin •  Jun 17, 2020


Hands up if you love cooking ?‍♀️ As we’ve been staying home during this period, many of us have been cooking more and experimenting with new recipes. If you’ve always wanted to try some famous Singapore food recipes, here’s your chance! As part of the Singapore Heritage Festival’s first-ever digital edition, you’ll get to learn how to prepare famous Singapore dishes across all cultures. This will be done through live food demonstrations and virtual cooking classes online. Through cooking, you’ll be able to learn about other cultures and understand how food became part of their heritage. Apart from savouring delectable food, wouldn’t it be wonderful to appreciate its history too?
The Singapore Heritage Festival is the National Heritage Board’s annual signature festival which celebrates Singapore’s heritage and culture. With over 80 programmes online from 19 June - 5 July 2020, you can enjoy the festival from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Here are some events that all you foodies can look forward to! P.S. Besides food programmes, check out other events that explore Singapore’s unique heritage and culture here.
Kway Guan Huat’s Live Popiah-making Demonstration
Ever wondered what it takes to make popiah (fresh spring roll)? Now, you can learn from a popiah master! Kway Guan Huat is a halal-certified eatery that’s been selling popiah for over 80 years and their Peranakan-Hokkien recipe has been passed down through generations. The popiah they sell today tastes as good as it did eight decades ago! Through a live food demonstration, you’ll get to witness the traditional art of making popiah, learn about its history and the shop’s heritage. Not only will you get to immerse yourself in Peranakan-Hokkien culture, making popiah is also a fun activity for the whole family! Parents, grandparents and children can make popiah together ?
Learn to Cook our Heritage Snacks
Planning to whip up some yummy local snacks at home? Why not attend a virtual cooking class? Through 3 cooking sessions conducted by Food Playground, you can learn the traditional techniques of making Singapore’s heritage snacks - soon kueh, epok-epok and samosa. Hone your cooking skills at home and learn about Singapore’s food heritage across different cultures at the same time! P.S. Check out these 8 easy halal Singaporean and other local recipes you can learn. 
If you’re trying something new, soon kueh is a great idea! This popular Teochew snack consists of handmade translucent rice skin stuffed with carrot and turnip. You might have seen it eaten as a breakfast snack at hawker centres but after this session, you can also enjoy it at home. Craving something crispy instead? Learn how to make samosa in just a few simple steps! Well-loved by many Singaporeans, this triangular Indian snack filled with potatoes is great for any occasion ?
As for epok-epok (curry puff), most of us are familiar with it but how many of us actually know how to make it? Hence, this is your chance to learn the technique of making epok-epok - from filling it with potato to pleating the edges of its dough! It’s so fascinating how this traditional Malay snack has transcended cultural boundaries and become one of Singapore’s favourite snacks. After making these mouth-watering treats, offer them to your parents or grandparents and impress them ? You can always share the good food with your neighbours too to make them feel welcomed, especially those who might be new to Singapore.
Food from different cultures
There’s a diverse variety of other food programmes you can look forward to during the Singapore Heritage Festival! Always wanted to find out more about the mouth-watering food at Indian festivals? The Indian Heritage Centre’s got you covered! Through virtual cooking lessons by various Indian communities, you can learn how to cook masala thosai, mee siam briyani and more!
Famous Chefs and eateries in Singapore will also be sharing cooking tips. One of them is celebrity chef, Chef Bob who will be sharing his unique rendang recipe as well as stories of how his family celebrates Hari Raya. You can even stand a chance to get his delicious rendang delivered to your doorstep!
Briyani fans, this one’s for you! Get inside stories on how it’s like to run a briyani stall from the owner of the iconic Geylang Briyani Stall at Geylang Serai Market! Find out what makes their briyani so popular through their online talk. They’ll also be giving away their yummy briyani to viewers, so you won’t want to miss this ? Find out what other food programmes you can sign up for here! #HHWT Tip: Make it even more fun by organising a watch party with your fellow foodie friends! The best part is that you can exchange cooking tips with friends from other cultures too ?
More about the Singapore Heritage Festival
Besides the line-up of food programmes, don’t miss out on other exciting programmes during the Singapore Heritage Festival too! Even though the festival will be online this year, you can still uncover lesser-known stories of different neighbourhoods and gain a deeper appreciation of Singapore’s unique heritage and culture. From virtual heritage trails and tours around Singapore to movies and performances, you’ll get to find out lesser-known facts about Singapore. Time to spice up your stay-home routine with the Singapore Heritage Festival! Find out more about the Singapore Heritage Festival here.  This article is brought to you by the National Heritage Board.