Singapore Grand Prix 2022: Complete Guide and Recommendations


Syahirah •  Sep 15, 2022

There’s never a dull moment in Singapore regardless of what time of year you come to visit. There’s always something to look forward to and this season it's the Singapore Grand Prix 2022! ?With the first wave of tickets being sold out in a span of 6 hours, it’s pretty obvious that after a two-year absence, this year’s event is going to be pulling out all the stops to ensure the visitors get the optimal all-rounded experience. With musical acts by iconic performers and talents, it’s sure to get anyone excited. Happening from 30th September to 3rd October 2022, here’s what you can expect at this year’s Grand Prix as a Muslim traveller!

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1. What is the Grand Prix

It's a series of motoring events hosted in various countries that collectively form part of a world racing championship. Fans of the Formula 1 race can witness their favourite drivers and teams live in action! The Grand Prix Season is a great time to visit Singapore since there will be lots of fun-filled activities, such as outdoor performances, music performances and special race-themed promotions that will take place across the city. 

Typically, the annual Grand Prix will be hosted by various countries from Europe to Asia. This year, the race will be hosted in Singapore located at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Fortunately the location is easily accessible and is a 10-minute walk from Pomenade MRT!

2. Where to buy tickets

As far as large-scale events go, you’ll need a ticket upon entry. If you aren’t familiar with how ticketing works at the Grand Prix, essentially there are multiple ticket categories to choose from. Each category has another set of options that range from a single-day entree to a 3-day pass which you can purchase depending on how many days you’d like to stay and the acts that you’d like to see. ?

You can buy tickets from the website itself or get in touch with authorised resellers that may be operating within your country - check the list of resellers to purchase tickets that offer ticketing and travel packages. Do ensure that you purchase tickets from the authorised list because if resale tickets by unauthorised third parties have been identified, the ticket will be automatically confiscated or cancelled without any liability or compensation.

3. Look for accommodation near the pit

You won’t want to waste precious time travelling when you could be sightseeing instead! ?The Grand Prix will be happening at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It’s at the harbourside of the city and are further away from iconic shopping experiences and hidden gems. You may also want to return to freshen up and find a peacefula and comfortable place to pray! Besides the five onsite hospitality facilities available for booking, you could explore hotels and accommodations that are closer to the venue where you can get a good view of the track.

4. Shopping

If you’re coming to the Grand Prix, then surely you’d want to bring home something iconic to remind you of the experience, right? As of now, the merchandise selection isn’t much to choose from at their online shop - only two types of face masks (a keepsake that is functionable too!) are available, Vibrant Hues (with coloured printing) and Monochrome Mask Pack (comes with multiple pieces). However, you definitely need to walk around and explore because there’s plenty of places for halal food options, shopping and sightseeing in Marina Bay!

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5. Enjoy the live musical performances

The highlight of the grand prix isn’t just the drivers and teams but the live performances as well! Every year, the carefully selected acts never fail to impress the roaring audience with their energy and talented musical abilities. ?This year, you can expect iconic and popular musical acts like DJ Mashmello, Westlife and Green Day who will be set to headline the event amongst many others talented artists. Depending on which day you’re attending the Grand Prix, you’ll be able to catch the respective acts and more! 

We’re all excited to be witnessing the comeback of this long-awaited event! ? Will you be going to the Grand Prix this year?