Singapore Will Exit Phase Two (Heightened Alert) In Two Steps From 14 June - 7 Things You Need To Know


Nia Sarah •  Jun 10, 2021

With the number of new Covid-19 cases reducing in Singapore, people can look forward to an exit from Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on 14 June (Monday). The country will be exiting in two steps and move back to "Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)". The Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) lasted four weeks from 16 May 2021, imposing stricter measures on the country's dine-in, social gatherings and work from home rules. Now that restrictions have eased, here's what it means for you:

1. Can I go out in groups?

Yes, you may go out in groups of five from 14 June 2021 onwards, an increase from the cap of two people previously. However, the public is advised to limit the number of social gatherings to only two a day.

2. Can I visit other households?

Households can accept five distinct visitors in a day starting from 14 June 2021. However, such gatherings should still be limited to small groups which you have regular contact with to reduce the risk of transmission.

3. Can I dine in at restaurants?

Credit: Benny Se Teo on Facebook

Dine in will resume from 21 June 2021 (Monday). This means that no dine-in is allowed on Father's Day which falls on 20 June ☹ On why there's a one week buffer period before dine-in can resume again, the Government said that it is ensuring that the situation is "stable" before allowing people to dine in at restaurants. Once we get to dine in, do remember to mask up when you're not eating or drinking and practice a 1-metre safe distancing.

If you still want to treat your father to a deserving meal, check out these places that deliver halal steak in Singapore! Or if you're excited to catch up with friends, check out these 18 cafes to get halal brunch in Singapore.

4. Can I go on a staycation?

Yes you may. Though there's no change in the rules, so this means that only 2 guests are allowed per room, unless the individuals are all from the same household (ie. same address). This means that you can either go on a staycation with one other friend, or your family members whom you live with. Whether you're looking for hotels with private pools, hotels with bathtubs, or hotels with jaccuzi, a staycation could definitely be in your Phase 3 plans!

5. Can I go hiking or exercise?

Yes, people can go hiking in groups of five from 14 June 2021 onwards.

If you're planning to exercise at the gym, do note that all gyms and fitness studios may resume their indoor sports activities with masks off from 21 June 2021. Safe distancing of at least two metres between individuals should be practiced and sports classes will also be capped at 30 people.

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6. Can I visit attractions?

Yes, you may. Attractions will resume their 50 per cent operating capacity from 25 per cent previously, which means more people will be able to visit attractions. This will include museums, cruises and public libraries.

Participants of live performances and spectator sports events which may resume will have to undergo pre-event testing if there are up to 250 attendees. Pre-event testing is not required for events with fewer than 50 people.

7. Can I visit the mosque?

Yes. From 14 June onwards, congregational and other worship services may take place with up to 250 attendees with pre-event testing. Testing will not be required for such activities with less than 50 attendees.

With this, we hope that this clarifies some questions you might have about the new measures. Share this with your friends and family to let them know!