We Went To SG’s Biggest Light Festival - Here’s Why You Should Too


Faruq Senin •  Jan 28, 2019

Anyone else feels like January's moving kind of slowly and you just need a little bit of excitement in your life??‍♀️

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Well, we've got something that you'd love - Singapore's biggest light festival, i Light, is back! Happening from today (28 Jan 2019) to 24 Feb 2019, there are 33 different light installations designed by artists from 15 different countries, including Singapore. We had a sneak peek at the festival and here's what you can expect!

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1. Instagrammable installations

Every year, we're always looking forward to the interesting installations that are in store for us at i Light and this year's offerings didn't fail to surprise us! It's no wonder that this year's event has been labelled the "biggest" i Light ever. Here are some of our top picks:

Squiggle (No. 12)

Sprawled out over a lawn at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, this is one installation you can't possibly miss! 200 metres of digital neon tubings are presented in various twists and turns as well as colours. Did you know that it's supposed to be an abstract reflection of our multicultural world? ?

squiggle i light 2019

What we loved about Squiggle is that you can control one of the many joysticks to change the colours, speed and direction of the lights. Needless to say, the lights look amazing against the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands ?

Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Sails Aloft (No. 9)

This was one installation which totally blew us away! Using holographic projections on water, the artist created an image of a 19th-century sailboat that was inspired by the "sampan panjang" which the Orang Laut used back in the day.

sails aloft i light 2019

What was more striking about this was that there were sound and movement effects and it felt as if the boat was really moving!

Location: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

Shades of Temporality (No. 10)

Here's another artwork which intrigued us. At this installation, you can feel what it's like to "paint" videos using an electronic paint roller. With every stroke of the roller, you'll be able to see various moving images, giving you a chance to participate in the artwork.

painting artwork i light 2019

This interactive installation is definitely something fun for you to do with your loved ones!

Location: Marina Bay Link Mall entrance

Prospegtive Perspective (No. 6)

Believe it or not, clothes pegs are used in this installation and if you look long enough, you'll realise that the empty spaces between the pegs create an image of Singapore's skyline ? The team of artists behind this installation were fascinated by the use of clothes pegs in everyday life and they decided to create something which most Singaporeans can identify with.

prospegtive i light 2019

We were really amazed at how such a simple object could be used to make an artwork, which shows us that art is present everywhere and that objects could be used in many different ways. While we always think that clothes pegs are used to hang clothes, it can also be repurposed into something else, such as this installation. Pretty amazing, right? ?

Location: Marina Bay lower boardwalk

2. Bigger and better this year

If you've always shunned i Light because you know there will be a lot of people around Marina Bay, then here's some great news for you - the festival grounds this year has been extended. Thanks to Singapore's bicentennial celebrations, you can now admire stunning installations not only around Marina Bay but also around Singapore's historical areas like Civic District, Singapore River and Fort Canning Park.

anderson bridge i light 2019

Time Rhythm on Anderson Bridge (No. 22)

Other than the standalone installations, you can also look forward to the ones on 6 bridges along the Singapore River! We had the opportunity of hopping on a river cruise and witnessed the most breathtaking views of glittering lights on the Anderson, Helix and Jubilee Bridge ?

Here's a map of the festival to help you out:

i light 2019 map

3. Halal food options

Feeling hungry after admiring the stunning installations? Head over to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival to enjoy some scrumptious eats!

sofnade meatballs in a bucket marina bay carnival

Get your fix of Sofnade's yummy Meatballs in a Bucket. With your choice of chicken or beef and served with mashed potato, twister fries topped with cheese sauce, every bite of their signature meatballs will be a treat ? If you don't fancy meatballs, you can also get their fries or Wings in a Bucket. Don't forget to wash down your meal with Sofnade's milk tea buckets or lemonades! Do note that you'll need to get a carnival card before purchasing your meal.

If you're looking for halal options around the Marina Bay area, we recommend heading to these halal-certified/Muslim-owned places:

1. Noosh Noodle Bar & Grill (#01-13B, Esplanade Annexe)

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro (#B2-20/20A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

3. Pappa Mia (#B2-04, Marina Bay Link Mall)

4. Sambal Time (#01-16, The Sail)

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With so many interesting installations and activities, it's time to call your buddies and have an amazing night out at i Light 2019!