Singapore-Australia Travel Bubble: How It Will Look Like If It Happens


Nia Sarah •  Jun 11, 2021

If you've heard the news of a South Korea travel bubble with Singapore recently, following the good news is a next potential travel bubble with the country down under - Australia! The Singapore and Australia travel bubble is the next thing travel-lovers can look out for as both prime ministers have announced yesterday (10 June) that the countries will be working towards one. So, what will this anticipated travel bubble actually look like if it's successful?

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

According to The Straits Times, both prime ministers are hoping to arrange a two-way travel between Singapore and Australia. It may allow fully-vaccinated people from both countries to travel freely to either destination without the need for quarantine.

The first phase of this arrangement may allow Singapore students in Australia to continue their studies, which have been disrupted by the border restrictions. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said there is "quite a number" of these students hoping to go back for clinical attachments or postings. Mr Lee said that the arrangement intends to resume travel to Australia for reasons like business, holidays and pursuing education as well.

Currently, Australia has a one-way travel arrangement with residents in New Zealand, allowing New Zealanders to visit without any quarantine.

Both countries are looking into a mutual recognition of health and vaccination certificates from both sides and there is still "some time" before both countries can open up the travel bubble. So here's hoping that we can go on a vacation to Australia when the travel bubble commences!

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