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5 Simple Baking Recipes You Should Make At Home


Ili •  Jun 02, 2021


Baking is not just an easy and totally doable activity, but it's one that can yield some amazingly delicious treats! So whether you're staying home from a lockdown or just looking to indulge in a yummy goodie you've made yourself, this list of simple baking recipes is perfect for you to get started ?
1. Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies are, simply put, one of life's pleasures. One of the most universally-loved treats in the world, chocolate chip cookies come in so many variations - chewy, crispy, large, small, those made with nuts or those with white chocolate, and more. There's a time and a place to enjoy all of them! Get yourself started on this easy chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe that is not only totally delicious but doesn't even require a mixer to whip up.
2. Fudgy brownies
You can't go wrong with a classic brownie, especially fudgy ones! Featuring pretty straightforward ingredients and not much effort to do them, you'll have this sweet dessert ready in no time at all. When you're ready to serve, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or any other flavour) on top and enjoy! Get started with our easy fudgy brownies recipe right here.
3. Cake
Cakes are a much-loved dessert, often associated with teatime, celebrations, or simple enjoyment. While going out and having a slice of cake isn't so easy to do now given the current circumstances, you can make up for it by whipping up your own cake to enjoy at home! Check out our list of easy cake recipes you can easily whip up yourself.
4. Bread

If you ask us, there's never a bad time to eat bread ? Whether it's to kick start your day or tie you over till dinner time, there's always room for this wonderfully simple yet delicious bake. For those who are looking to venture beyond the everyday breads, prepare to dive into different corners of the world with this list of easy halal bread recipes that'll take you across the globe and back - all from your kitchen!

5. Cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon Rolls. A perfectly comforting baked good if there ever was one. And though some may think it's difficult to make, it can actually be super doable, even for beginners! So if you're looking for an easy and delicious cinnamon roll recipe to try your hand at making them, look no further and check out our recipe here. Time to hop into the kitchen and get to baking! For more recipes, check out these articles: