Sustainable Packaging: SIA Plans To Use Paper Food Packaging For Long Haul Flights, Here's What People Are Thinking


Syahirah Mazlan •  Apr 28, 2023

Sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years, with more and more people becoming aware of the impact of their daily choices on the environment. Travel, in particular, has come under scrutiny as people become more conscious of their carbon footprint. Recently, many airlines have had to make changes to their operations to become more eco-friendly! Here are some interesting ones, closer to home. ?

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1. Singapore Airlines

SIA has been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, and in recent years has taken several steps to reduce its carbon footprint. One of its most significant initiatives is the introduction of sustainable serviceware on its flights.

In a Facebook post, SIA announced a trial of new serviceware in economy class and premium economy class on selected flights. The new containers, according to the post, are designed to "retain heat and moisture better than the current casserole dish." This feature will allow the airline to serve "soupy and gravy-rich main courses" on its longer routes, reducing the need for additional plastic packaging.

Unfortunately, this initiative was not very well received by the public with one Facebook user commenting, "Sorry, but you should be using proper crockery in Premium Economy like other airlines. Very disappointing,"

This initiative is still in it's review stage and is not definite so we're looking forward to seeing what the final product is!

2. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines, has implemented several measures to reduce its environmental impact. One of these is the use of sustainable inflight amenities, such as blankets and pillows made from recycled materials. The airline has also introduced a more fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus A350-900, which is designed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%!

3. AirAsia

Although a low-cost carrier, AirAsia has also been making efforts to become more eco-friendly. The airline has implemented a range of initiatives, such as reducing the weight of its inflight magazines and introducing a "Bring Your Own Bottle" programme to reduce plastic waste. AirAsia has also committed to becoming a carbon-neutral airline by 2050, through the use of sustainable aviation fuels and carbon offsetting.

4. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has introduced sustainable serviceware made from compostable materials on its flights so it can be recycled and after use! The airline has also invested in fuel-efficient aircraft and implemented a recycling programme to reduce waste.

5. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines has also taken significant steps towards sustainability, such as introducing a range of eco-friendly initiatives, including the use of biofuels and the implementation of a fuel-efficient flying programme. The airline has also launched a programme to reduce single-use plastics on its flights, replacing plastic straws with paper ones and introducing edible cutlery made from natural ingredients.

Airlines around the world are taking steps to become more sustainable, recognising the need to reduce their carbon footprint. From the use of sustainable serviceware to the implementation of fuel-efficient flying programmes, airlines are making efforts to reduce their environmental impact.