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Have Halal Will Travel •  Jul 18, 2020


Salam and hi everyone ? The world is living in unprecedented times right now. For many of us, we are still unable to travel abroad. We're sure some of you have had to cancel or defer your travel plans. As avid travellers ourselves, we feel you!
We truly, genuinely believe that you shouldn't stop dreaming about that next place you want to explore. Not being able to travel now shouldn't equate to not thinking about travel at all. Because like all things, this too shall pass, and when that time comes, travellers will go out into the world seeking new places and experiences, as we've always done. It has also been a great reminder of how blessed and privileged we are to be able to travel in normal circumstances, and that its importance can't be understated.
The HHWT Explorers Community
That's why we're excited to announce that we have created the HHWT Explorers travel community! Throughout our journey, one thing has really become the cornerstone behind our work and that’s YOU, the community (: We are continuously humbled by our readers - not only because you help us provide information that in turn helps other Muslim travellers, but also because you share your amazing travel stories with us that genuinely inspire us and others to go out and see the world! It’s even more important to share your stories now that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us and many of us are unable to travel the world. We need YOUR help so that we can continue inspiring Muslims to travel the world after the pandemic.
HHWT’s vision and mission and how you can play a part
At HHWT, we strongly believe that travelling is a force of peace. Despite the negativity we hear on the media regarding Islam and Muslims, we know that everyone can play a part to spread peace, understanding and the true beauty of Islam, no matter how small. Changing perspectives and spreading love begins with you! That’s what HHWT is all about – inspiring Muslims to see the world and bringing people from all walks of life together, no matter your religion, age or status ?
It’s easy to share your stories
To help you out, we’ve created a platform where you can easily share your stories with us! All you have to write your story in the form below, add your images and click SUBMIT. It’s that simple!  Your tips and stories will greatly help the Muslim community plan their trips so that when the time is right, they'll be able to explore the world once again ❤️ P.S. You can also help us to share this form with other Muslim travellers too using this link: bit.ly/HHWTExplorerStory
Get rewarded for sharing your stories!
The more you share your stories with us, the higher your chances to be rewarded. Not only will your story be able to reach almost 10 million travellers through our platform monthly, but you can also expect to win dining and attraction vouchers and more! Once you start sharing a story with us, you'll automatically be added into our mailing list where we'll constantly update you. As our community grows larger, we hope to give out more rewards too.
Many of you have shared your stories with us 
Through these years, many of you have shared your travel experiences with us and it's been truly enjoyable to read about them. It's also a privilege for us to be able to share their useful tips with the community (: My First Solo Travelling Experience In Japan As A Muslimah 
Our reader, Diyana Mastor is a huge fan of Japan but on her third trip, she took a leap of faith and planned a solo trip to parts of Kyushu and West Japan. She tells us how travelling solo in Japan taught her a great deal! Read her story here!The Overnight Sleeper Train From Chiang Mai To Bangkok Will Save You A Night's Worth Of Accommodation
Instead of taking a 1-hour flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, our reader, Nicholas took the road less travelled and experienced a 13-hour overnight train journey instead. Sometimes, the best journeys might not be the fastest or the easiest but that's the beauty of travelling ? Read his story here! 2 Months, 12 Countries and 1 Backpack: Solo Travelling In Eastern Europe As A Muslimah
Europe had always been a dream destination for our reader, Hazwany, and she finally got to live her dream by travelling around Eastern Europe alone! She shares with us how she had unexpected encounters with others, got conned, disruptive guests (and more!) but through it all, it made her stronger. Read her story here! Of course, there are dozens more of other awesome travel stories that we've published and each of their experiences are unique in their own way. With the HHWT Explorers community, we hope to inspire you to dream about your next big trip with even more travel stories and tips. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank YOU for always supporting HHWT! Thank you for sharing your stories with us and help us spread the message of peace through your travels ?