This SG Initiative Is Showing Support To Healthcare Workers Through Heartfelt Messages, Stories & Care Packages


Nia Sarah •  May 24, 2021

We might have seen the news of a hospital in Singapore becoming a Covid-19 cluster, or nurses being harassed by neighbours just because of their occupation - that's why SG Healthcare Heroes was born. With the aim of changing the public perception of healthcare workers who work tirelessly to keep Singapore safe, the local initiative to start a support system for these workers was launched, bringing in both businesses and the community to be involved!

Launched in May, SG Healthcare Heroes reaches out to organisations, sponsors, and even hospitals to bring this initiative to light. One thing that they do is provide a platform for the community to send their appreciation messages for healthcare workers on their Instagram page! ?

It takes a whole village to help out! If you're wondering which businesses are doing their part to give back to healthcare workers with care packs and food bundles, check out their post. Some businesses to order from are Happy Love Box, Whisk and Whip SG and Bakery Brera!

To change mindsets about healthcare heroes, as the initiative calls them, SG Healthcare Heroes also shares stories from these workers about their encounters in public. Since the outbreak, healthcare workers have been treated as carriers of the virus, which the team wants to change. According to the workers who have shared their stories, people have told them that they don't deserve a seat on the train, moving away from them while on commute and even spraying antiseptic - all because of their job of helping others.

With our healthcare workers working day and night in order to keep Singapore safe, let's remind each other to be kind whether we see them on the streets, near our homes or on public transport. A thank you in person goes a long way and messages are just the start of building a compassionate community that supports healthcare workers!

By working as a healthcare worker, they are putting their lives, and their loved ones' lives, to help those in need during these tough times. Share this with your friends and family to let them know how they can play a part! ?