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You Can Now Savour Authentic Halal Sichuan Cuisine In Singapore


Atiqah •  Jan 05, 2018


Remember that halal hand-pulled Chinese noodles stall we talked about a few weeks ago? Now, you won't just be indulging in their yummy bowl of hand-pulled noodles. Yi Zun Beef Noodle has just added 4 new dishes to their menu! And they will be served in zi char style which means that you can share the dishes with your friends or family☺️ Here's a list of the new dishes:
1. 大盘鸡 Da Pan Ji
Literally translated to "Big Plate Chicken", Da Pan Ji is one of Xinjiang's most famous dishes. What's interesting about this dish is that it infuses both Xinjiang and Sichuan spices. This one's perfect for those of you who love spicy food! Its rich flavour is sure to leave you wanting more?
2. 酸菜鱼 Suan Cai Yu
Credit: lauhound.com on Facebook A Sichuan delicacy, Suan Cai Yu translates to pickled vegetable fish. The dish consists of super tender fish slices in a hot and sour rich broth. This delectable combination of chicken and fish stock and Sichuan pickles will leave your tastebuds satisfied. The dish is also perfect for cold and rainy days?
3. 脆皮茄子 Cui Pi Qie Zi
At first glance, you might think that Cui Pi Qie Zi is a fried chicken dish but once you sink your teeth into the dish, you’ll realise it’s not chicken ? This scrumptious dish from Hunan province is actually eggplant coated in a salty and spicy tempura-style batter. It’s then fried with dried red chillies and green onions. Bet you never knew eggplant could be savoured this way!
4. 手撕包菜 - Shou Si Bao Cai
A favourite at most Chinese meals, this dish consists of just cabbage, vinegar and oil but the combination makes a surprisingly mouth-watering side dish. The refreshing sour and spicy taste of the cabbage will satiate your tastebuds. Plus, the dish also has a rich nutritious value which gives it all the more reason to eat it! Of course, who could forget Yi Zun Beef Noodle's specialty, its hand-pulled noodles? Here are some pictures to jolt your memory. There's no guarantee you won't be salivating after this ?
Credit: justrantx on Twitter You can choose beef or chicken as the protein of your choice too ?
Credit: Noraini Abdullah on Facebook If you're dining with a huge group, opt for their filling Beef Hot Plate or Assorted Meat Stew! Wash it all down with a nice, ice-cold glass of sour prune juice before you go ?
Credit: justrantx on Twitter Yi Zun Beef Noodle is newly established by Mdm Aishah, a Chinese Muslim from China. The eatery serves to dish up Chinese comfort food that's not only halal but delicious too! It's not everyday that you get to see such a stall, especially in Singapore ? Now there are even more reasons for you to make your way down to Yi Zun Beef Noodle! Address: 45 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207935 Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm Contact: 62916616 | Facebook [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/1970?type=poll"][/iframe]