8 SG Halal Food Deliveries For Your Late-Night Hunger Pangs This Football Season


Faruq Senin •  Jun 29, 2018

We're halfway through football season! And we’re pretty sure many of you have been spending late nights in front of your television, cheering on your favourite teams as they battle it out on the field.

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While your eyes are fixed on your television sets looking out attentively for the next goal, there’s a high chance that your tummy will be rumbling too. And we’ve got just the list for you to fix those hunger pangs. Here are 8 halal deliveries which has light bites perfect for you to munch on.

The best part is, enjoy discounts when you order from Deliveroo this football season with their $2 Goal Giveaway – you’ll get $2 credit for EVERY goal scored during selected matches. But that’s not all, read on to find out how you can get discounted bundles and cashback of up to 20%!

P.S. Want to know which eateries are having promotions this football season? Search ‘Football Meal Deals’ on Deliveroo before you order.

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1. Tender Fresh Classic

Savouring fried chicken while watching a football match – we say that’s the best combination ever! Tender Fresh Classic’s selection of fried and grilled chicken is delicious, easy to eat and perfect for sharing too, especially if your buddies are coming over to watch a match with you ?

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Known for their signature fried chicken, get their whole or half spring chicken which is fried to a golden crisp and makes for a perfect late night treat. You’ll surely enjoy every single bite of their juicy chicken with your hands while cheering on your favourite team!

Credit: @mrsjackiechan on Instagram

If you want even more fuss-free munchies, get their Family set ($30) which has 9 pieces of chicken or their Tender Set ($18) which has 5 pieces of chicken tenders. If you’re not a fan of fried chicken, Tender Fresh also has a selection of BBQ and roasted chicken which is marinated perfectly.

#HHWT Tip: Good news! Deliveroo’s operating hours in certain neighbourhoods are extended till 2am so that you won’t go hungry while catching midnight football matches. Search the “Late Night Delivery” tag on the Deliveroo app to view the participating eateries! Do note that restaurants reserve the right to decide how late they’ll operate till.

2. Fish & Co.

If you need a heartier meal to fill your tummy before the game starts, Fish & Co.’s bundle meals will keep you covered. As part of Deliveroo’s Football Meal Deals, Fish & Co. is having a Family Combo promotion (with savings of more than $40!) which comes with 4 main courses of your choice, 2 starters and 4 drinks. All these at just $68 – quite a steal if you ask us!

Get a taste of their lip-smacking signature Fish and Chips, which is fried in a delicious batter you won’t be able to resist. Plus, with 6 different fish and chips to choose from, you’ll never be spoilt for choice! Check out their other appetising main courses too – from delectable pastas to wholesome salmon and prawn dishes ?

Looking for light bites to munch on while waiting for your favourite players to score the next goal? Order Fish & Co.’s mouthwatering starters (from $6.37) such as their popular Grilled and Fried Calamari, Crispy White Baits or Buffalo Drumlets!

P.S. Looking for more attractive promotions like 1-for-1 deals and $12 set meals? Search for the “Football Meal Deals” tag on Deliveroo for more bundle meals you can munch on when watching football matches!

3. Sarpino’s

It’s always a good time for pizza, especially when you’re in front of the television. This season, you can have the best of both worlds – football AND pizza. Sarpino’s enticing pizzas are the perfect treat to have while you’re supporting your favourite football team.

Credit: Sarpino’s Singapore on Facebook

If you’re having a huge party over to watch a football match, we highly recommend getting Sarpino’s combo meals – Family Show Meal ($35), Movie Meal ($60) or Blockbuster Meal ($90). Their Blockbuster Meal has 3 large classic pizzas, chicken nuggets, garlic bread and comes with drinks too. Looks like you won’t go hungry while watching your football match!

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Savour their all-time favourite pizzas (from $21.80) like Pepperoni, Magherita or Tropical Hawaiian and we’re sure it’ll leave you thoroughly satisified. Top them off with some light bites at the side like their Chicken Wings to complete your meal ?

#HHWT Tip: Get $2 credit for every goal scored when you order from Deliveroo anytime between 6pm to 10pm during selected matches. Check out Deliveroo’s Facebook or Instagram pages to find out which matches are applicable for the promotion (till 15 July).

4. Wingstop

Touted as America’s number 1 chicken wings, Wingstop is bringing the classic buffalo-style wings right to your doorstep. Sink your teeth in their flavourful wings and have them your way – classic, boneless or tenders. Either way, every bite packs a punch and you’ll be treated to fresh and quality wings.

Credit: @wingstopsg on Instagram

Choose from their wide variety of flavours – their bestsellers are Louisiana Rub (dry rub of cayenne pepper and garlic spices), Garlic Parmesan (strong and tasty garlic plus rich cheese) and Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce paired with chilli flakes). If you’re up for a challenge, get their Atomic or Mango Habanero - the spiciest flavours on the menu, guaranteed to leave an explosion on your taste buds ?

Credit: @wingstopsg on Instagram

Eating Wingstop is one sure way to set your heart pumping and get you excited as you watch your favourite football teams battle it out on the field.

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5. Gogo Franks

GoGo Franks is no stranger to the food scene in Singapore and you can probably find a franchise stall at a mall near your house. Good news, now you can get it delivered to your house too! Selling bite-sized sausages with an Asian twist, this will be perfect for you to chomp on when you’re catching a football match. With flavours like satay, char siew, teriyaki and cheesy chicken, it’s hard to resist this simple snack. As it’s so easy to eat, you might not even be keeping count of how many sausages you’ve eaten ?

Credit: GoGo Franks on Facebook

You can’t say you’ve tried GoGo Franks if you haven’t tasted their Sausage Pratas. With your choice of sausage flavour, lettuce, mayo and sweet chilli sauce wrapped in crispy prata, nothing screams comfort food more than this! Just what you need to keep you going through the night when you’re staying up to watch football.

Credit: GoGo Franks on Facebook

GoGo Franks' awesome sets will let you taste the best of what the eatery has to offer. The GoGo “Buddy” Combo ($14.50) includes a jumbo sausage prata, their Supreme 17 (17 pcs sausage balls) and a lemongrass lemon drink. Share it with a buddy or have it all by yourself while looking out for the next goal. If you’re watching football with your family, the Happy Family Combo ($21.50) is just what you need – with 2 jumbo sausage pratas, King Size (25 pcs sausage balls) and 2 lemongrass lemon drinks.

P.S. No need to go hungry while catching midnight football matches! Deliveroo’s operating hours in selected neighbourhoods are extended till 2am this season. All you have to do is search the “Late Night Delivery” tag on the Deliveroo app to view participating eateries and order away! But restaurants reserve the right to decide what time they’ll be opened till.

6. Texas Chicken

Here’s another fried chicken joint to add to your list – Texas Chicken! This season, they’ve got special bundle meals just for all you football fans, so you’ll have all the energy you need to cheer on your favourite players. With 2 pieces of their original or spicy chicken, cheese fries, honey butter biscuit and regular iced milo, their 2pc Chicken Fanatic Combo ($10.20) is ideal if you’re staying up alone and need a quick fix to satisfy your hunger ?

But if you’re watching football with a group of friends or family members, their 8pc Chicken Fanatic Bundle ($42.90) will suit you just fine – which also includes nuggets, honey butter biscuits, cheese fries and milo. We’re sure you won’t be saying no to Texas Chicken’s full-flavoured and succulent chicken.

Time to celebrate those goals this football season by earning $2 credit EVERY time a goal is scored! Yes we’re not kidding. All you need to do is order from Deliveroo anytime from 6pm to 10pm on days of selected matches and you’ll receive credits in your account within 48 hours, depending on the number of goals scored during the $2 Goal Giveaway match (credits must be used in 7 days)

P.S. Keep a look out on Deliveroo’s Facebook or Instagram page to know which matches are eligible for the $2 Goal Giveaway!

7. Ice Cream Chefs

They say there’s ALWAYS room for dessert but we say it’s always a good time for it too! We feel you – sometimes it’s so late at night that you don’t feel like eating. Well, we’re pretty sure you can’t resist some ice cream and Ice Cream Chefs will keep you covered! If you’ve never thought that it’s possible to have your ice cream delivered, then we’re here to prove you wrong.

Credit: Ice Cream Chefs on Facebook

If you’re a fan of unique flavours, Ice Cream Chefs’ selection of ice cream will surprise you! With flavours like Kaya Lotee (there’s bread crumbs in this one!) and Crème Brulee, you might even forget that you’re eating ice cream. Durian lovers can indulge in their Durian Decadence, which is made with D24 durians so you can get your durian fix at home ?

Credit: Ice Cream Chefs on Facebook

So, time to get yourself a pint of ice cream (from $12.80) and scoop away as you celebrate a goal from your favourite team this football season. Trust us, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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8. Pot Luck

If you’re craving some satisfying bites to pull you through the night, Pot Luck’s got you covered with their seafood delights. Their Butter Sotong ($11.76) or Butter Prawns ($14.97) make ideal light bites as you fix your eyes on the television waiting attentively for the next goal. Pair these with their Fried Chicken Wings ($6.41) and awesome munchies (from $4.27) like their Chicken Popcorn and Mini Taiwan Sausages and you’re all set for the big game!

But if you’re craving for a proper meal to feast on, their Combo Meal will suit you just fine. At just $37.80, it comes with Curry Fish Head, Claypot Cabbage with Mushroom plus 2 sets of rice – perfect if you’re staying up to watch football with your partner ?

Bet you never thought of indulging in some piping hot fish head curry while watching a football match in the middle of the night. Now, you can have a scrumptious meal in the comforts of your own home.

#HHWT Tip: Good news! Earn $2 credits for every goal scored (during selected matches) with Deliveroo’s $2 Goal Giveaway. Orders must be made between 6pm to 10pm on match days. Find out which matches are applicable for the promo on Deliveroo’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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With these 8 halal food deliveries on Deliveroo during this festive season, now you can make your football experience even sweeter! The best part is, you don’t have to worry about your stomach growling while you’re cheering away, celebrating the wins of your favourite football team. Plus, with set meals to help you save money, credit giveaways and up to 20% cashback on your orders, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your food delivered! With your eyes fixed on the television set and delicious light bites within reach, it’s time to cheer on your favourite team ?

P.S. If you’re looking for more promotions, search ‘Football Meal Deals’ on Deliveroo to find the participating eateries.

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