SeoulNami BBQ: We Tried KL's Latest Halal Korean BBQ


Iyesha Maria •  Mar 07, 2019

[Updated 17 Oct 2019]

Tantalizing meats. Mouthwatering marinades. And oh-so-delicious desserts.

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There’s another meat joint in town, and this time it’s a sizzling lip-smacking Korean BBQ ?! *internally jumps for joy*

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You've probably seen it in Korean dramas, a concept where meats, seafood, and other delicacies are grilled on-the-spot at your dining table. You do your own grilling but don’t worry, SeoulNami BBQ has attendees to help you grill your meats if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

And for those of us who love cooking, time to show off your gastronomic barbecuing skills!

In terms of flavour, Korean BBQ marinades tease your taste buds with flavours of spicy and sour – topped with lots of cheese ?

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Located in Gardens Mall, SeoulNami BBQ is the first on-table grill Korean BBQ outlet using fully halal ingredients (the place is alcohol-free too). Any ingredients that cannot be sourced from a halal supplier are made in-house from their very own halal ingredients. Now that’s dedication right there!

P.S: They are currently in the midst of applying for their halal certification.

The brains behind SeoulNami BBQ are Malaysian and Korean, who noticed that there is demand for Korean dining in Malaysia for Muslims. So rest assured, the experience is as authentic as it can be.

Alright, now onto the best part - the food ?

There is a huge variety of Korean delicacies to choose from! From meats, seafood, super spicy noodles to desserts.

To start, they will serve you a variety of salads, vegetables, kimchi, and even steamed egg (steamed right in front of you).

#HHWT tip: Korean BBQs are best enjoyed in a group setting so you can order more dishes to enjoy. Time to call up your foodie friends!

Their signature dish is South Korean’s iconic Chuncheon Chicken! The chuncheon chicken is available in four marinade flavours – spicy hot pepper chicken, sweet honey butter chicken, savoury ganjang (soy sauce) chicken, and salty ganjang chicken.

Credit: SeoulNami BBQ on Facebook

Making your meat experience even more unique is their lava cheese. Wrap your chuncheon chicken in their lava cheese. The unusual combination of cheesy and spicy will surprise you, and leave you wanting more.

Beef lovers, you will love their selection of premium beef - find wagyu steak, beef rib fingers, beef belly and South Korea’s iconic bone-in short rib.

Believe us, their tantalizing beef is to die for.

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Credit: SeoulNami BBQ on Facebook

Next up, their noodle selection. Enjoy a variety of noodles such as fire ramyeon and their 3 king noodles. Challenge yourself to try their super (and we mean SUPER) spicy fire ramyeon!

Hankering for some seafood? Fret not, there’s even the savoury crabby kimchi jjigae, a hearty stew with crab and kimchi.

Or maybe their seafood platter instead?

Credit: SeoulNami BBQ on Facebook

Have a go at making rice balls too with their fist rice - warm and soft rice with seaweed flakes and fragrant chicken. The staff will pass you a set of gloves for you to mix the ingredients with your hands to shape into rice balls.

Ta-da! Rice balls for everyone to eat.

Credit: @seoulnamikoreanbbq on Instagram

And to end on a sweet note. Try their charcoal burnt cheesecake. This cheesecake is cooked in foil, under the grill while you enjoy your other meats. Once it’s done, you take it out from under the grill and remove the foil. Its creamy cheesy texture is sure to tempt your taste buds for more!

They have plenty of other Korean delicacies too, of course. We’ve only highlighted a few of the main dishes. Check out their entire menu here!

Credit: SeoulNami Korean BBQ on Facebook

There's also more good news: Seoul Nami recently introduced it's All You Can Eat buffet, where for 90 minutes, guests can have anything off the KBBQ and Odeng Menu at a flat rate of RM59++ per adult and RM29.50++ per child. It's available from 11am - 6pm daily!

Time to call up the gang for a unique grilling and eating experience at SeoulNami BBQ!

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Halal status: Uses ingredients sourced from halal-certified suppliers, alcohol-free establishment.

Average prices of main dishes: MYR60-80 per person, depending on dishes ordered

Address: F-215, First Floor, The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Daily, 11AM-10PM

Contact: 03-2202 3336

Website | Facebook | Instagram