Seoul Garden HotPot In Singapore Offers Delicious And Comforting Korean Style Hot Pot And Hot Plate Dishes


Syahirah Mazlan •  Oct 13, 2022

There’s just something about Korean food that keeps pulling us in for more. Whether you’re enjoying some on a hot or cold day, its distinct aroma and flavour make it the perfect comfort food for any occasion! ?And if there’s somewhere you can count on for your fixes of halal Korean food like bibimbap and army stew, it has to be Seoul Garden. We share 3 of Seoul Garden HotPot’s best hotpot and hot plate dishes that are guaranteed to warm you inside and out! ?

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1. Soon Dubu Seafood 

Credit: Courtesy of Seoul Garden HotPot

If you like a little spice in your life, Seoul Garden HotPot’s Soon Dubu Seafood ($17), a spicy seafood soup, is just what you need! Served in a sizzling hot pot, the flavourful broth of this dish is made with a profound blend of flavours and spices specially created by Korea Celebrity Chef Insun Choi, who has won several famous cooking competitions including the Grand Prize at KFA Cooking Competition for Korean Food. ? You’ll get premium ingredients like tiger prawns, mock abalone, Asari clams, egg, tofu, shiitake mushroom, glass noodle, bean sprouts and golden mushroom - now that’s a feast! ?

2. Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap

Credit: Courtesy of Seoul Garden HotPot

Having trouble deciding between chicken or bulgogi (a type of marinade, famous in Korea) to go with your Bibimbap? Why not get both! ?It’s no secret that Bibimbap is the ultimate Korean comfort meal, and their Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap ($12) comes with mixed brown rice topped with chicken bulgogi, kimchi, spinach namul (seasoned spinach), bean sprout namul (seasoned bean sprouts) and egg yolk - that you can break for that satisfying egg run! ✨Add as much or as little of Seoul Garden HotPot’s homemade gochujang (bean paste) to the mix and combine all the ingredients together to form a medley of hearty meal that’s high in wholegrain.

3. Spicy Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate

Credit: Courtesy of Seoul Garden HotPot

You’ve heard of bulgogi beef, but have you heard of bulgogi lamb? ?If you want something fancy and a little more on the sweeter side, you must try the Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate ($17). Cooked with a special in-house Kalbi sauce and Champong sauce created by none other than Chef Insun Choi, this dish has a spicy, salty and sweet taste that lingers on your taste buds. There’s a spicy and non-spicy option for the Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate, so it’s perfect for everyone!

So if you’re craving for something warm, visit Seoul Garden HotPot for their delicious and sizzling hot plates that satisfy your cravings. Be sure to check out the other dishes on their menu, like the signature Ginseng Chicken and Army Stew! ?Don’t forget to SHARE this article with your loved ones and invite them to a tantalising and warm meal that’s prepared within 8 minutes (but stays hot for way longer!). 

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