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Seoul Central Mosque and Halal Korean Food in Itaewon - Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide by #HHWT


Samia Shamim •  Sep 22, 2015


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Itaewon - Main Street[/caption] Looking for halal certified restaurants in Seoul? You've come to the right place. In fact, Itaewon is known for its array of international restaurants and the locals along with foreigners come here to enjoy Mexican, Bulgarian, Italian, French, Japanese cuisine and more!

What you must not miss in Itaewon:

1. Street Shopping for Both Ladies and Gents
Itaewon is popular not just for its restaurants, tourists love it for its shopping too! There are shops everywhere starting from the street vendors to the luxurious malls, there is something for everybody here. [caption id="attachment_2340" align="alignnone" width="1002"]
Saturday night - everybody’s in Itaewon![/caption] Besides Insadong, you can also get your souvenirs at Itaewon! The main road is lined with shops and restaurants and the side walk is filled with makeshift stalls selling all kinds of touristy things: I Love Korea t-shirts, little trinkets you can buy as souvenirs, scarves, leather goods and what not. Ladies and gents, you can find shops with really good deals selling clothes and shoes ! There is a place in Itaewon for everyone!
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I love Korea tees![/caption] If sneakers are your thing, you can get the latest limited edition Adidas or Nike shoes here as well. I once saw people queuing in front of the Adidas shop and I thought they were waiting for a celebrity to show up, but I found out they were actually waiting for the store to open so they could get their hands on the few limited edition shoes that were going to be released :D [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignnone" width="1068"]
The essential baseball cap[/caption]
2. Korean Handicrafts
Itaewon has a good collection of Korean Handicrafts and traditional items. You have different price ranges to choose from, and don’t forget to bargain!! The Ajhummas here will try to sell you stuff for sometimes double the price, so say what you think is reasonable and if they don’t agree then walk away!! [caption id="attachment_2352" align="alignnone" width="1112"]
A classy hand made Korean jewellery box perhaps?[/caption]
3. Halal Bakeries
If you just want a light bite, you should definitely step inside one of the Halal bakeries in Itaewon. The bakery goods are very fresh although it can be a bit pricey, but the quality is A+ of the sweets and breads that they make. Even if you want to bring something back to munch on later, the bakeries are a must visit!!
4. The Central Mosque / Seoul Central Masjid
If you are in Itaewon, you don’t want to miss visiting the mosque at least once!! 
This mosque was built with funds from various Muslim countries and the 5,000 square meter area of the mosque’s land was also a gift from the Korean government. Its construction started in 1974 and it was officially opened in 1976. The Halal Street is close to exit 3, and this is where you will find rows of halal restaurants, bakeries and grocery shops slowly going uphill and it will take you to the Seoul Central Masjid. Address: 732-21 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul How to get there: Exit from Itaewon Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 3. [caption id="attachment_2341" align="alignnone" width="785"]
Exit 3, Itawon Station[/caption] Go straight 100m and turn right onto Usadan-ro Road. You will find an outlet of Mr. Kebab and Dunkin Donuts just at the corner of the turn.
As you go ahead about 150m, the road comes to a crossing. Go to the left, further uphill (Usadan-ro 10-gil Road). Continue 200m to arrive at Seoul Central Masjid on the left. [caption id="attachment_2359" align="alignnone" width="1037"]
You’ll know you’re on the right way as you can see the Minerat of the Mosque[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2369" align="alignnone" width="3200"]
Main gate[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2365" align="alignnone" width="1258"]
Prayer Hall[/caption] #HHWT Tip: The halal street requires quite a bit of uphill walking, so lace on your sneakers/shoes for that! It will definitely work up a good appetite for you so you can indulge all the food waiting for you, guilt free!! :D

Halal Restaurants in Itaewon

1. EID Restaurant
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Eid Korean Restaurant[/caption] When in Itaewon, you absolutely have to eat authentic halal Korean food. Let me begin today’s introduction of restaurants with Eid. This is one of the few Halal certified Korean restaurants you will find in Korea. The restaurant is run by a Korean Muslim family, and has begun its journey quite recently! [caption id="attachment_2379" align="alignnone" width="619"]
Registered Halal Restaurant![/caption] Here's some of their dishes on the menu: [caption id="attachment_2412" align="alignnone" width="960"]
Samgyetang - 12,000 won
Samgyetang - 12,000 won[/caption]
EID Restaurant
The Samgyetang and Bulgogi set menus are highly recommended! Oh! I almost forgot to mention the delicious cup of complimentary Omija Tea!! ^^ My meal: Black Bean Paste Chicken and Mushroom Curry with Rice [caption id="attachment_2381" align="alignnone" width="979"]
Black Bean Paste Chicken[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2387" align="alignnone" width="975"]
Delicious Chilled cup of Omija tea on service!![/caption] The restaurant has grown popular over a very short time and has opened a catering service too, and you can order take-out!
Opening Hours: Tues to Sun - 11.30 AM to 9.00 PM. Closed on Mondays Address: 67, Usadan-ro 10-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul How to get there: As you reach the main gate of the mosque go on the road which faces opposite the mosque (not the small lane beside the mosque). There's a grocery shop on your right side as you enter the street.
The street opposite the mosque (you will notice the grocery shop on your right)
Walk straight ahead for about 100 meters and you will see the restaurant on your left. Note: The Eid family business is growing steadily and the latest addition to their projects is EID Guest House.
Bonus: When you are done with your delicious meal in Eid restaurant, on your way back you might notice a huge cat staring at you from one shop on your right as you pass by. At first, you might think, “Is this a cat café?!!” You enter the shop out of curiosity and you notice it is a very chic and stylish little shop where two more cats are sitting on two chairs facing each other!! Is this a very stylish cat café??!! Wrong!! You have mistakenly stumbled into “Mind Mine” the distinctly stylish jewelry shop! There is a huge collection of 14/18 karat gold rings and of course the very Korean couple rings. [caption id="attachment_2384" align="alignnone" width="1315"]
Mine Mine: A chic Jewelry Store where kitties greet you first!![/caption] The shop owner introduced me to his three cats who seem to own the shop too :D The shop extends into a little workshop where the actual carving of the jewellery is done!! I love cats and I love rings!! This shop has got me so I’m going back there again soon~!!! ^^
2. Murree Muslim Food
If EID isn't enough to to satisfy your Korean food cravings, there's also Murree Muslim Food in Itaewon!
3. Pasha Kebab Shop
Pasha sells the most delicious chicken kebab roll I have tasted in Itaewon. Prices range from 5,000-7,000 Won depending on the ingredients. The shop has a vast array of other kebab menus and is designed for customers who want to grab a bite on the go, tourists on a budget and students.
Pasha Kebab
Pasha 2
Their main restaurant in on the opposite side of the street which you can see without much problem or you can just ask the Turkish chef where it is. The Kebab roll tastes heavenly with a sour yogurt drink which sells for 3,000 Won but you can choose to drink other soft drinks for the same price.
Pasha 3
Opening Hours:11:30am to 10:30pm, daily. Address: 1317-31, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul How to get there: Say you are back to where you started from, Itaewon Station Exit 3. Walk ahead, about 2 minutes, you will notice a Turkish kebab restaurant on your right called Pasha.
4. Kervan Turkish Restaurant
Walk ahead a bit more, and say you are hungry again. What do you do? Go to Kervan restaurant of course!! Located about 50 meters ahead of Pasha is Kervan Turkish Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the 5 Halal certified restaurants in Korea and offers traditional Turkish kebab menus. There is a special weekday lunch offer where you get to choose from 4 different set menus for just 9,900 Won. The menus include one main dish, a bread basket a salad, soup of the day and Turkish tea. This offer is between 11.30 AM to 3PM on weekdays. [caption id="attachment_2392" align="alignnone" width="580"]
Soup of the Day, Salad and Bread basket[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2394" align="alignnone" width="653"]
Fresh Oven Baked Turkish Bread[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2395" align="alignnone" width="783"]
Grilled Chicken set menu[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2396" align="alignnone" width="747"]
Beef Kebab set menu[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2397" align="alignnone" width="648"]
Turkish tea at the end of the meal!![/caption] Bonus: Kervan Turkish Bakery and Dessert Cafe If you're still up for desserts, Kervan also has a bakery and this place is just like a little piece of heaven!! Mind you though, too much viewing of sweets might give you a toothache :D [caption id="attachment_2401" align="alignnone" width="1760"]
Turkish Biscuits of all kinds!![/caption] [caption id="attachment_2403" align="alignnone" width="805"]
Turkish Delights of different flavours[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2404" align="alignnone" width="1040"]
Tea and Coffee set menu[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2408" align="alignnone" width="1569"]
Turkish Meat pie and cheese stuffed moist bread: Heavenly!![/caption] You can indulge yourself in several kinds of Baklava, a Turkish sweet made of pistachio and layers of crispy pastry , Turkish delights of 5 different flavors, cookies both sweet and salty, and all the different types of bread. For those of you who are not so much into sweets, there is a cheese and meat pie, basically a pastry stuffed with either meat or cheese which goes perfectly with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea. There is also the famous Turkish ice-cream which is made is such a special way you’ll be surprised! The ice-cream becomes actually elastic!!! :D hahahaha Opening Hours: 11:30am to 11pm, daily Address: 127-3 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul How to get there: As you come of exit 3, Itawon station and walk straight until you reach the crossing. walk straight ahead when the signal turns green and you will pass by the fire fighting station 119 on your right. 20 meters ahead you will see the Bakery to your right.
#HHWT Tip: It is best to visit Itaewon during day time, since the place has its clubs, bars and party areas and there is a certain Red light district some where in there, its best to avoid being there after dark. Happy traveling!! All set for Itaewon now? Just go there and explore! Take your camera with you and you just might find something new! :D