The Ultimate Guide To Seongsu-dong - The Brooklyn Of Seoul


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 16, 2023

Seongsu-dong has been dubbed 'Seoul's Brooklyn' recently. With its recent renovation, it's becoming the hot trendy area for the young and the young at heart to hang out and take in the vibes. Why is it, becoming more popular, and what can you find there? We'll be looking at everything this place has to offer in the article!

How to get there

If you want to get to Seongsu-dong, you can head to either:

  • Ttukseom Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or 7)
  • Seongsu Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)
  • Konkuk University Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or 7)

Seongsu-dong is also connected to the Ttukseom Han River Park so you can head down there to relax after getting your steps in at Seongsu-dong. Another alternative is heading down towards Ttukseom Station and visiting Seoul Forest Park before heading down towards the neighbourhood. You can also drop by Common Ground first at Seongsu Station before visiting Seongsu-dong.


There are many places that you can visit and shop at in Seongsu-dong! One of the draws of this place is the quirky exterior and sometimes even the interior of the shops. From shoes to clothes to statement pieces, Seongsu-dong has high-quality pieces you can grab! Or you could just walk in and enjoy the environment.

They mainly showcase high-end brands as well as high-end local brands in Seongsu-dong. But even if you're not looking for extravagant pieces, you can still come down and enjoy looking at the unique and interesting storefronts!

SUPY Seongsu-Seoul

One such shop is SUPY, which is a South Korean concept and fashion store with two other branches in Hongdae and Myeongdong. Each shop is unique and boasts a collection of unique and interesting pieces that you can add to your wardrobe. The entrance to SUPY looks like a movie theatre entrance, which also fits the interior! There are also art installations which makes the whole experience feel as though you are going through an art gallery. You can't take pictures inside of the establishment. However, you can look at what's in store for Seoul fashion!

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (12PM - 9PM)

Address: 71 Seongsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

paperdollmate atelier

This adorable storefront entices all who like things cute and cuddly with their dollhouse-like exterior. The front of the store is decorated with dolls and its door mimics a claw machine game with dolls stuck all around the window. The all-pink exterior certainly catches your eye! It is a relatively small store that sells handcrafted dolls and other adorable stationery such as notebooks, post-its and more. They also have prints that you can buy to decorate your walls.

Opening hours: Tues, Thurs-Sun (1PM - 8PM)

Address: 45-1 1st floor, Seoul-eup2gil, Seoul, Seoul

International Luxury Brands

Credit: @tvbbcakes on Instagram

If you want to grab some branded goods, Seongsu-dong has entire buildings that revolve around one brand. One of the most prominent buildings is the Dior Building which spans a good chunk of the street. Besides Dior, there is also Cartier and Tamburin, which is a cosmetics and skincare brand opened by Gentle Monster.

Amore Pacific Show Room

Amore Pacific is a well-known cosmetics manufacturer that has its headquarters right here at Seongsu-dong! This large building houses a ton of makeup products that you can try for free! They are all housed in the Beauty Library, with over 2,000 products you can try! Professional makeup artists are available as well if you would like some help or advice. There is a cafe (OSulloc Cafe) on the second floor. However, we are unable to verify the halal status of the establishment.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (10.30AM - 8.30PM)

Address: 04797 7, Achasan-ro 11-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Million Archive

Sorted out by colours and styles, you'll be able to grab some stylish pieces that fit the season for a steal! This modern storefront establishment is a thrift store in disguise, hidden among the luxury brands' extravagance.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (1PM - 8PM)

Address: 24-18 Achasan-ro 5-gil, 성수2가제3동 Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Photo spots

Besides the interesting storefronts, there's a lot of street art that are perfect photo opportunities for you to decorate your Instagram feed with. The artwork gives the area a uniqueness and identity that feels similar to the freedom of expression in Brooklyn too! No wonder this area is akin to it!

Pow!Wow! Korea Street Art

One of the main draws of Seongsu-dong is the variety of street art you can find! They're painted on walls, floors and even whole buildings. Just walk along the streets and you will be able to find them! There is an official Pow! Wow! website that you can visit to understand and learn more about the works you see while at Seongsu-dong!

Veranda Industrial

While you admire the colourful artwork and artistic impressions that decorate the industrialised buildings, hop into one of the many art galleries that call Seongsu-dong home. Veranda Industrial is one of them, which is free to enter! It used to be an old metalworking building that has now been transformed into a showroom for local interior designers.

Address: Seongdong-gu Seongsu-ee-ro 7-gil 26


There are a TON of aesthetically pleasing, chic cafes that line the streets of Seongsu-dong. From selling coffee to pastries, drop by and admire the effort that went into decorating both the interior and the exterior.

Chang Chang Coffee & Roasters

If you're in need of a pick-me-up, or a hot coffee to warm you up during winter, Chang Chang Coffee & Roasters has a selection of drinks that you can sip while strolling through the neighbourhood. Or walk towards the nearby parks to relax and take a breather from the bustling city.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (8AM - 8PM) | Sat, Public Holiday (11AM - 8PM)

Address: 2 Seongsuil-ro 4ga-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

There are A LOT more that Seongsu-dong offers that we can't cover in this article! From the various small local brands to high-end luxury, Seongsu-dong has it all! It's like walking into an amalgamation of identities and expressions that draws out your unique personalities. Put Seongsu-dong on your list of places to visit now!