This Halal Glasshouse Cafe In Sembawang Serves Sandwiches And Zi-Char


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 04, 2022

We're always on the search to find more halal restaurants in Singapore, and we're happy to announce that there's one more to add to the list! Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant is a glasshouse food spot that serves scrumptious halal zi-char favourites, and delicious cafe meals such as sandwiches and toasts, with the amazing surrounding greenery. Let's check out what they have to offer!

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Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant Serves Halal Zi Char

This hidden gem is located in Sembawang Hot Spring Park, which makes it convenient to head down to the eating house after a dip in the hot spring or just a nice stroll in the park! Their menu covers pretty much everything you'd love from zi-char dishes perfect for sharing with your family and friends, to sandwiches, local desserts and toasts for those who want a quick-but-fulfilling bite.

The best part of it all is that the high glass walls of the eating house makes it perfect for aesthetic IG feeds! There's natural lighting coming in from outside, so if you come during the day, the light hits you just right for a gorgeous picture that will make your IG followers a tad jealous. Ready to find out more? Here are some of the favourites among patrons!

Credit: @carimakan_sg for Instagram

The Signature Pan-Fried Bee Hoon is a dish you definitely have to try when you're there! A quick scroll on social media shows how popular it is! It's slightly crispy, but every bite tastes like the flavours of your childhood: hearty, savoury, and most importantly, mouthwateringly delicious! ?

Credit: @lanylance for Instagram

Is it really called zi-char if there isn't Chilli Crab? The sauce is both sweet and savoury, and if you pair it up with the soft crab meats, it's supremely satisfying! The chef has 25 years of experience serving local seafood and with wok hei, so you'll be guaranteed a delicious meal.

Credit: @kobedu for Instagram

If you want something lighter, their toasts are the way to go! The signature kaya toast is sweet, tasty and pairs perfectly well with your kopi or teh. Look at how aesthetic this picture is!

There are so many others you can try such as prawn paste chicken, BBQ stingrays, buttercream prawn ball, chendol and more! We wish we can fit them all here, but you can simply head on to their social media and check out their menu. These pictures will tempt you to try, we promise!

Credit: @atheosofiemashon for Instagram

Whether you're on the hunt for a new halal zi-char spot, or simply looking for a nice meal to indulge in after your walks, Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant has all your cravings fixed! Happy eating!

Halal status: Halal-certified