4 Reasons Why You Should Book A Tour Package For The Trip You've Been Waiting For


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 04, 2022

We think it’s safe to say that travel is back this year. More countries are opening up their borders and relaxing their restrictions, so say goodbye to quarantines and PCR tests (of course, only if you’re fully vaccinated! ?). But the world of travel has changed drastically, from the places we wish to visit, the kind of travel experiences we desire, and most importantly, our heightened sense of anxiety towards sudden changes ? Here’s where booking your trip through an agency can help allay those worries, and give you the new kind of travel we crave for ? Here are 4 reasons why you should check out!

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Why You Should Opt For A Tour Package For A Safe, Fuss-Free Trip In The Future

1. You’ll be left in good hands 

While the pandemic situation is getting better, it’s still very unstable and we bet you might be concerned about what will happen should you be stuck in a foreign country. Here’s where travel agencies come in. When you have a travel agent leading you, you can put those worries to bed, and let them handle whatever’s necessary so that your vacation will be back on track ? Furthermore, travel agencies have access to a wide variety of tools that an average traveller may not know about such as personal contacts to medical or other emergency services, which helps you get out of a bad travel situation quickly and safely ?‍?

Sedunia Travel ensures your safety whilst overseas by staying up to date with the changing SOPs due to their strong connections with tourism boards in many countries like Australia, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia and most European countries, which are countries Malaysians can travel to quarantine-free, and also on-ground contacts! ?

2. You don’t have to plan a single thing

Perhaps you’re tired of seeing city lights and rising skylines, and you want to travel far away and just relax on a train cutting across some of the most picturesque snow-covered mountains in Switzerland ? But if you don’t know a single thing about travelling to Switzerland; from Covid-19 regulations to finding halal food or where to buy those train passes in the first place. Or the thought of planning a vacation for your family (with kids!) from scratch while navigating the various restrictions gives you a headache, not to worry! ? A travel agency like Sedunia Travel can do that for you! They have a variety of packages (both internationally and within Malaysia) which can be adapted to your needs such as your budget, styles of travel and group size. For Muslim travellers, the trips could even be designed to suit your needs, such as halal eateries and praying facilities nearby ?

Planning to visit multiple cities to get the most out of this vacation that you’ve been waiting for? Sedunia Travel allows you to merge two different city packages into a single trip or add on a day or two into your itinerary ? For instance, you want to take a tour around Switzerland by train with your partner but you just can’t get enough of the beautiful mountains. Combine Sedunia Travel’s Famous Mountain Peaks In Switzerland with your current one! ? Now you can further revel in the majestic beauty of such mountains without having to worry about planning your itinerary because Sedunia Travel does it all for you. Just enjoy your vacation, you deserve one! ?

3. You will be treated to experiences you can’t get as a solo traveller (and without a group)

There’s only so much you can see as a solo traveller or if you and your family do not travel with tour agencies. For instance, you won’t get the opportunity to travel on one of the world’s most luxurious cruises, Avalon River Cruise, at special discounts, like a buy 1 free 1 deal only Sedunia Travel offers ?

Or even see the Canadian Rockies with the Rocky Mountaineer Rail, where you’ll get exclusive, unrestricted access to amazing views of rugged alpine terrain and wildlife ? Travel agencies like Sedunia Travel want to make sure you enjoy an added-value  experience whatever vacation you crave ?

4. You will get access to the best deals and deep discounts you can’t get anywhere else

Simply put, travel agents have the best deals everywhere! As experts in their field, you can trust that they’ll have the best prices for you. Sedunia Travel is currently having its Crazy About Travel fair from 9 to 10th April with vast discounts ? You can get up to 50% off for the second traveller on selected Asia packages, and even 10% off on travel deals to Australia! Imagine relaxing on the sandy Bondi Beach in the picture. Sounds amazing right? ?

There’s even early bird promotions from 4th to 8th April, where you can get fair prices and promotions with the added incentives of FREE travel insurance, a growing need more than ever, and additional discounts on selected packages ? And the best part? These promotions are just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s more waiting for you to explore! Simply click this link to find out more ?

You want to travel with peace of mind and enjoy your vacation fuss-free, and since this will be the first trip out of Malaysia for many of us, so why not let the experts at Sedunia Travel take care of everything we need? ? Their sweet, exclusive promotions at the Crazy About Travel Fair, which you can check out right here, definitely help in making your trip affordable with no hidden costs; another stress-inducing factor we don’t want or need in our much-needed retreat ?

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