Say Hello To The Kitty At Singapore's Only Halal-Certified Hello Kitty Cafe


Fatehah •  Dec 06, 2016

Good news for all Hello Kitty fans! The first and only Hello Kitty Cafe in Singapore has just recently attained its Halal Certification from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS).

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And for those who are not in Singapore but are dying to try this Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe, you need not travel deep into Singapore. When you land, you can immediately walk - yes, walk - to this cafe because it's located at Changi Airport itself!


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Decked out in white, the Hello Kitty designs at each part of the cafe coupled with floral decorations make it the perfect place to get your Instagram shots!


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And even if you're not a Hello Kitty fan, a wide array of palatable food which doesn't just taste good but also looks good, awaits you at the cafe. Try the Hello Kitty sandwich which comes with a salsa twist! It's filled with chicken, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and the cafe's own taco mayonnaise on toasted focaccia bread.


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If you're a rice person (like us), then maybe this Hello Kitty rice meal will appeal to you. The rice is served with cuts of Wagyu beef slow-cooked to tender perfection in a delicious Rendang gravy!


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End your meal with ice-cream, macaroons, berries, bananas - all in one dish. This dessert looks designed to perfection.


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Though it might be hard to resist another moment of looking at the food and not eating it, remember to snap photos of the food before digging in! Walk around the cafe and snap more pictures too. You'd definitely want a visual memory of this experience?


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Address: Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3, Arrival Meeting Hall Central (public area), #01-22

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Contact: +65 6241 6127 (for reservations on weekdays only)

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Immerse yourself in the world of Hello Kitty now!  The cafe is open for 24 hours, so you can head there at any time ?