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Savour The First Halal Fried Chicken In Japan (And It's Right Next To A Halal Mart)


Iyesha •  May 21, 2019


For many us, searching for halal food in Japan outside main cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto can be a challenge ? Luckily for us, the rise of Muslim travellers into Japan also means that small towns outside are also starting to accommodate Muslim travellers ? [P.S. If you're looking for halal food in Japan, check out our ultimate food guides for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka!] One such place is Halal Fried Chicken Japan (HFC) that serves the crispiest and juiciest halal fried chicken for Muslim travellers travelling around Nagoya ? Credit: Giphy Recently opened in January 2019, HFC is an Indonesian Muslim owned restaurant just about 40 minutes drive from Nagoya city. The restaurant serves tasty fried chicken along with a number of Southeast Asian dishes that will surely entice you and your travelling buddies. Fried rice served with juicy deep fried chicken and topped with spicy sambal? We're definitely down for it ?
Credit: Hfc on Facebook If you're craving for Southeast Asian delights, this is definitely the place to be! Savour tantalizing dishes such as fried chicken with rice topped with red chilli or green chilli sambal, Indonesian meatball soup with noodles, chicken or mutton biryani, naan bread, cheese naans, and chocolate naans ?
Credit: @Hfcjapan on Instagram With its halal food selection in Nagoya, it's no surprise that the place caters to 50 to 100 Muslim patrons a day! The place also provides a prayer space for patrons and WiFi ?  The price for 1 piece of chicken starts from 350 Yen and their Chicken Set menu starts at 650 Yen.
Credit: Sarariya Halal Mart on Facebook Next door to the restaurant is Sariraya Halal Mart, a mini-mart selling all sorts of halal food such as sauces, meat, snacks, drinks, rice, and even Luwak coffee! So, between a place for a scrumptious fried chicken feast, and a halal mart that sells everything you need for the rest of your trip (food-wise), you're pretty much set! And FYI, if you happen to be travelling in a big group or driving there, you don't have to worry about parking either. The place has ample space enough for 40 cars and 3 buses Food status: Muslim-owned Address: 445-0802 Aichi Ken, Nishio shi, Yonezu Cho, Kitaura 81-1 Hours: 11am - 10pm Contact: 0563-54-0372  / 090-1784-4264 Website | Facebook | InstagramSariraya Halal Mart:Facebook