JUST IN: This Is SG’s First Halal-Certified Japanese & Korean Plant-Based Restaurant


Shasha Dania •  Oct 01, 2020

If you’re on the search for new halal Japanese or Korean eateries in Singapore, head over to City Square Mall to try out Saute-San - the 1st halal-certified Japanese and Korean plant-based restaurant in the country! Already popular with vegans, vegetarians, or anyone looking for a delicious and healthy meal, we guarantee Saute-San’s dishes will change your mind about what plant-based dishes look and taste like. ?

Credit: Saute-san

All of Saute-san’s dishes undergo lots of R&D to ensure a balance between taste, general well-being, and visual appeal. Lots of Saute-san’s ingredients including patties, sauces, and even their signature pizza bases are homemade with fresh, wholesome, and natural ingredients, herbs, and spices. It definitely pays off - look at how mouth-watering this House-Made Cheesy Shroom Patty Baked Japanese Curry Rice ($20.90) is! ?

Soft and fluffy Japanese rice is topped with a house-made breaded shroom and cheese patty coated in katsu batter and fried to crispy orange perfection. Carrots and potatoes make the dish a hearty one, and all of it is drenched in Japanese curry and baked with mozzarella cheese to a golden crisp that’ll make all cheese lovers super happy! If it’s your first time having plant-based dishes and you want one with a ‘meatier’ texture, this dish is a great option as the patty has a similar stringy texture to meat, and the rich and creamy mouthfeel make this the perfect comfort food.

P.S. Add on their famous vegetarian Orh Luak (‘Oyster omelette’) - it’s a must-try dish for regular diners! Their Tempura Curry Rice and Soy Milk Tomato Seaweed Ramen are also great for fans of Japanese cuisine. ?

Credit: Saute-san

They also have a variety of pasta dishes infused with Japanese and Korean flavours - like this Kimchi Cream Spaghetti ($14.90)! The spaghetti is cooked with their house-made kimchi to infuse the entire dish with a tangy, spicy flavour. The cream sauce adds a richness to the dish that cuts the sourness of the kimchi, and the bits of mock ham and diced vegetables take it a step further into a delicious dish any K-cuisine lover will enjoy. ? Add on other Korean dishes like Kimchi Pancake and Kimchi Jjigae Ramen and it’ll feel like you’re back in Seoul!

Credit: Saute-san

If you’re a fan of spicy food, the Lion Mane Spicy Bulgogi Stir-Fried Udon ($13.90) should be on your must-try list. Thick and chewy udon is stir-fried in flavourful spicy bulgogi sauce that will set your mouth alight. ? Lion Mane mushroom has a stringy texture that resembles meat, so this dish will be great for a first-time plant-based diner looking for something light yet filling. There’s also a Mala version if you want to take the spiciness up to the next level!

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This promotion is from now until 31 October 2020, and is valid for dine-in or takeaway only. We’re always up for something new - so tell your foodie BFFs it’s time to plan a lunch date to Saute-san! ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM - 10PM (Last order 9.15PM, takeaway and pick-up available)

Address: City Square Mall #03-23/24, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

Delivery via:Online

Reservations/Pick-up: Whatsapp +65 87884284

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