Vegetarian Restaurant, Saute-San, Is Now Halal-Certified

Saute, A Vegetarian Restaurant Chain In Singapore Is Now Halal-Certified


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 23, 2024

Saute: A Plant-Based Culinary Journey in Singapore

Singapore's vibrant culinary scene thrives on diversity, and Saute, a plant-based restaurant chain, stands out with its innovative and delicious take on sustainable dining.

With four distinct branches, each catering to different tastes and preferences, Saute offers a unique experience for those seeking halal vegetarian food or are interested in vegetarian food in general.

Saute-San: Japanese Comfort Food Reimagined

Step into Saute-San and prepare for a delightful journey through Japanese cuisine, plant-based style.

Their menu boasts classics like ramen, udon, and rice bowls, with creative twists using plant-based proteins like lion's mane mushroom, jackfruit, and tofu.

Indulge in the Kimchi Jjigae Ramyeon, a spicy and comforting broth packed with vegetables and plant-based meat, or savour the handcrafted Teriyaki Katsu Teishoku, featuring a crispy mock-chicken cutlet served with rice and sides.

Don't miss their signature Black Truffle Wild Mushroom Pizza, a unique fusion of Italian and Japanese flavours.

Flavours by Saute: Global Fusion Meets Plant-based Goodness

Craving a taste of the world? Flavours by Saute takes you on a global culinary adventure, offering dishes inspired by Western, Asian, and local Singaporean favourites.

Dive into their signature Orh Luak, a traditional stir-fried oyster dish reimagined with plant-based protein, or indulge in the Black Truffle Cream Pasta, a creamy and decadent vegetarian delight.

Looking for a lighter option? Their Quinoa & Roasted Vegetable Salad is a vibrant and healthy choice.

Whatever your preference, Flavours by Saute promises a flavorful and satisfying experience.

Saute Sushi: Sustainable Sushi with a Twist

Sushi lovers rejoice! Saute Sushi delivers the beloved Japanese delicacy with a plant-based twist.

Their innovative sushi train features a variety of nigiri, maki, and temaki, all crafted with creative fillings like lion's mane mushroom sashimi, spicy aburi "tuna" with avocado, and even plant-based tamagoyaki.

For a truly unique experience, try their Zalmon with Truffle Bits or the Abi Fry, a crispy and flavorful mock-abalone roll. Saute Sushi proves that sustainability and deliciousness can go hand-in-hand.

Saute Saranghae: Korean Delights with a Plant-Based Heart

Embark on a culinary exploration of Korea at Saute Saranghae. Their menu features beloved Korean dishes like bibimbap, kimchi stew, and Korean BBQ, all reimagined with plant-based ingredients.

Savour their Bulgogi Bibimbap, a colourful bowl of rice topped with seasoned mock bulgogi, vegetables, and a fried egg, or indulge in the Kimchi Jjim Byeollungtang, a spicy and hearty kimchi stew perfect for a chilly day.

Saute Saranghae offers a unique and delicious way to experience Korean cuisine in a plant-based style.

P.S: Saute Saranghae is currently not halal-certified

Whether you're a seasoned vegetarian, curious about plant-based options, or simply seeking a delicious and unique dining experience, Saute has something for everyone.

With its diverse branches, each offering a unique culinary journey, Saute is a must-visit for those looking for a guilt-free and flavorful meal in Singapore.