Ever been told that you have a biiiit of an obsession with Thai desserts? Oh, we’re not here to judge! Rather, we’re here to encourage that obsession😂 Here’s 4 delicious sweet/savory desserts you just have to stuff your face with the next time you’re in Bangkok😜

1. Mango Sticky Rice – the classic Thai dessert

Credit: coleysjustsaying

A classic favourite, what makes a mango sticky rice stall greater than when compared to other mango sticky rice stalls would be the quality of the sweet mangoes, and the fluffiness of the sticky rice. This particular stall is well known amongst locals and foreigners alike for its quality mangoes, and is located in the heart of Pratunam!

Credit: Aroi Mak Mak

Price: THB$120
Operating hours: Evening til night
Location: Pratunam, opposite of The Berkeley Hotel (beside Kaiton Chicken Rice stall)
How to get to Berkeley Hotel Pratunam:


2. Thai Sweet Crepe/Taco (Khanom Buang) at Sao Ching Cha

Credit: @phayds on Instagram

Khanom Buang is a an old style thai dish that consists of two different kinds of fillings; the sweet being a mix of foi thong (golden egg yolk threads), coconut, persimmon or candied gourd on a pandan base or the savoury; using egg, shrimp and cilantro in a thin, crepe/taco like shell. One of the best khanom buang can be found at the heart of Sao Ching Cha in Bangkok, as this family has been making it for over a 100 years!!

Credit: Import Food

Prices of this khanom buang may be slightly expensive for local standards, however with the quality, legacy and the fact that everything (down to the rice flour grinding) is hand-made – it is definitely worth the price! Follow the map below to navigate your way through.

Your landmark to begin will be the Giant Swing and Bangkok City Hall (best to head to Sao Ching Cha via cab)!

Sao Ching Cha (Giant Swing) and Bangkok City Hall

Credit: Sholaisen Photography

Price: THB$30 per piece
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm.
Contact no.: 02-222-8500
Location: Heart of Sao Ching Cha (Giant Swing) area in Bangkok.

Map of Khanom Buang stall and overall foodie area of Sao Ching Cha:

Credit: Import Food

 3. Sweet and Savoury Thai Coconut Hot Cakes (Kanom Krok)

Credit: Mark Wiens at Migrationology

Another must-try, Kanom Krok (Thai coconut hot cakes) is a sweet dessert made of coconut milk, tapioca starch and rice flour. The savoury bit of this dessert comes from the topping of green onions – all cooked on a circular cast iron pan. Usually crispy on the outside and melty-fluffy on the inside, this dessert is definitely best when eaten fresh off of the griddle!

Found at most street food joints, one of the best can be found at Kao Wang Kanom Krok, across Ratchawat Market in Dusit!

Price: THB$40 per box
Operating Hours: Open daily, 5pm to 11pm
Contact No.: 081-916-0974, 02-241-3840, 02-591-5998
Location: Dusit. Across of Ratchawat Market, along Thanon Nakhon Chaisi Road.
Map to Ratchawat Market:

4. Refreshing Red Ruby (Tab Tim Krop)

Credit: Dbites

If you’re in the need for something cold and refreshing to combat the heat in Bangkok, have yourself some tab tim krop; a delicious mix of water chestnut pieces wrapped in glutinous rice flour, mixed into iced coconut milk. Have a bowl of these gorgeous ruby pieces at the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Price: THB$35
Operating Hours: Weekends, morning til evenings.
Location: Chatuchak Weekend Market. Stall is located at Section 26, in between Soi 1 and 2.
How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Did we miss out on your favourite Thai dessert? Or did we introduce you to a whole new sweet world?😂 Let us know in the comments below!

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