This Muslim-Owned Store Is Selling The First Salt-Baked Chicken In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 26, 2022

Ever heard of salt-baked chicken? Well, now you have! ? It’s a common delicacy enjoyed in certain parts of Malaysia, and now it has been brought to the shores of Singapore by passionate salt-baked chicken lovers! Salt-N-Bake is a Muslim-owned store has made it accessible for Muslims here to enjoy too. 

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Salt-N-Bake is the first store in Singapore to offer halal salt-baked chicken in Singapore. The store wants to introduce fresh kampung salt-baked chicken to locals to share their love of the traditional and tasty flavour! ? The store hopes their brand can become a household name that serves delicious and addictive kampung salt-baked chicken. 

You can choose from flavours like Mala, Ginseng, Ginger, or a combination of Ginger and Ginseng. But their bestseller is the Original flavour which they have maintained using their secret 80 years old original recipe and marinated it with Dang Gui and baked with care. The original flavour is a favourite because you can taste its originality from the essence of the Chicken! ? 

The well marinated chicken comes wrapped in a special paper, covered with sea salt, and baked for long hours to perfection! It’s delicious, juicy and tender after all that cooking and prep! Did we mention that they use fresh kampung chicken? ?

Salt-N-Bake also sells salt-baked seafood shell out bundles that you can enjoy with your family or friends! The flavours are available in Original and Mala, and each bundle includes prawns, sotong, clams, boiled corn and much more. ? You might want to wear a bib before you feast on these goodies!

P.S. Salt-N-Bake is only available online on their website with the occasional mall pop-up booths on certain days, do follow their social media pages for updates on their pop-up locations!

With islandwide delivery, you can get your fix of salt-baked chicken and seafood from anywhere in Singapore! It’s so addicting and delicious you’ll keep wanting more. So make sure you SHARE this article with your friends and family so you can order some and get a taste of Salt-N-Baked tasty and flavourful marinated chicken! 


Halal status: Muslim-owned

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