This Muslim-Owned Stall In Singapore Offers Gourmet Wagyu Steaks, Burgers & More Below $21!


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 23, 2021

Gourmet meals are the perfect choice for any special celebrations and who doesn't love a piece of juicy, succulent steaks? There are plenty of halal eateries in Singapore that whip up the best steaks! But, recently, there's a Muslim-owned stall that opened and they sell gourmet steaks, burgers and more under $21 so it's time to pencil this place down in your list of halal steak restaurants ?

Indulge In Gourmet Wagyu Steaks, Burgers & More at SALAI by MeatDrop

Credit: @fattiefoodiefriends on Instagram

Located at Commonwealth Crescent, SALAI by MeatDrop offers all kinds of Western gourmet cuisine at affordable prices! They launched their humble stall back in August and have been receiving positive feedbacks ever since. Wondering what to get here? They specialize in all smoked and grilled meats so you should dig in into their juicy steaks.

Try out the Grilled Angus Minute Steak for $15 with a side of fresh salad, fries and 1 small cup of your preferred sauce. For sauces, you can choose between Garlic Chili, White Salai Sauce, Hickory BBQ and Assam Salsa. If you're craving for succulent wagyu steak but don't want to break the bank, their Grilled Wagyu Steak ($17) will satiate your hunger! The prominent grilled lines will tell you their steaks are cooked perfectly and with genuine love.

Credit: @salaibymeatdrop on Instagram 

Another food off the menu that you can try and share with your loved ones is the Smoked Lamb Ribs which price ranges from $12 to $21. This is because the lamb ribs have different weight from 200g to 500g! Choose your pick of any of the lamb ribs sizes to devour with your friends or yourself ?

Credit: @salaibymeatdrop on Instagram 

Salai by MeatDrop is also famous for their thick, juicy burgers! Their signature burger is the Pulled Wagyu Burger ($11) with a side of potato-ey fries. The pulled wagyu is cooked with perfect seasoning and cheese that drips as you bite into your wagyu burger. They also offer Wagyu Burger for $14 if you wish to sink your teeth into thick wagyu beef. To add some crunch in your meal, compliment your hearty meals with their Pulled Beef Nachos ($8)!

This stall is becoming more each day and there's no surprise there. They cook among the best affordable gourmet steaks and burgers that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: #02-71, 31 Commonwealth Crescent, Singapore 149644

Opening hours:

Tues-Weds, 12pm-8pm

Thurs, 12pm-6pm

Fri, 5pm-10pm

Sat-Sun, 12pm-10pm

Closed on Mondays

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