A Muslim Family’s Guide To Conquering Resorts World Sentosa Singapore


Shasha Dania •  May 03, 2019

No stay in Singapore is complete without a visit to Resorts World Sentosa Singapore (RWS), the island’s one and only integrated resort that promises days of exciting fun for the family without having to leave its premises. A proud recipient of the “Best Integrated Resorts” award at the TTG Travel Awards, RWS goes above and beyond to provide inclusive world-class services to all of its guests – including Muslim travellers! Whether you’re travelling with toddlers, tweens, or teens, RWS will have something for everyone! ?

1. Kick off your vacation at the family-friendly Festive Hotel

To help you embark on your RWS adventure, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide to some of its biggest attractions! From halal food and prayer spaces to top-tier accommodations for the whole family, this is the only Muslim-friendly guide to RWS you’ll ever need!

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The Festive Hotel is without a doubt the most family-friendly of RWS’ accommodation options, especially for families with infants or toddlers. To start with, you can request cribs for kids as young as 12 months when booking a room so that even the smallest members of your family will be comfy throughout your stay ?

The rooms are all set up to accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. The Deluxe Family Rooms even come with a king-size bed, sofa bed, and loft bed to make sharing easier for kids above 3 years old! If you’re taking a larger family trip and book separate Deluxe Rooms, you can also request to have the rooms adjoining, which makes getting ready and heading out for the day infinitely more convenient ?

P.S. If you’re staying at the Festive Hotel or any of RWS’ other properties you can purchase attraction tickets directly from the concierge! (Subject to availability)

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If your kids are out for some water activities, the Deluxe Pool Room is just right for you. Having the rooms located right next to the swimming pool and special kids’ pool area, you can bring the kids out for a swim without any time wasted.

2. Some must-have tips before you buy your tickets

Before you get too excited to plan your trip, here are some important tips to help you get the most out of your RWS experience:

  1. Same-day re-entry is allowed for the 3 major attractions; just remember to get your hand stamped before you exit! This is perfect for taking a short break if the kids are too tired.
  2. Express passes can be a life-saver if you’re visiting during the peak season or school holidays. For Adventure Cove Waterpark you can get the Adventure Express, and for Universal Studios Singapore you can get the Universal Express pass or Universal Express Unlimited pass. This will definitely save lots of time and stress especially if you’re juggling keeping multiple kids happy! We definitely recommend getting some for Universal Studios Singapore because you'll get to skip regular queues and save lots of time ?
  3. Baby formula, baby food, and food for special diets are allowed in parks, hooray! ? We also recommend bringing your own water bottles that you can refill at the water dispensers scattered around the parks.

3. Spend a day chilling out at Adventure Cove Waterpark

There’s no better way to start off your holiday than by taking a dip in the pools at Adventure Cove Waterpark. Whether you’re trying to conquer all of its thrilling water slides in one day, or just taking it easy and floating down the lazy river, you’ll find yourself drawn to the cool comfort of the water in no time.

Being one of RWS’ crown attractions, Adventure Cove Waterpark has made sure to cater to the wide variety of needs and situations that any parent will face. Besides having lockers for rent within the premises, there are baby care centres at the Entrance Plaza as well as Grotto.

P.S. If you’re a new mum who’s breastfeeding more frequently who doesn’t want to have to keep heading to the baby care centre, you can rent a cabana that comes with curtains for privacy as well as comfort. Cabana rentals are for a full day and include a locker, meal voucher, fresh towels and personal shower room so that your family will have a safe space to leave your belongings or to retreat from the sun once it gets too hot!

As for the rides … where do we begin? Adventure Cove Waterpark has everything to keep visitors of all ages entertained! Even kids shorter than 122cm (with adult supervision!) can enjoy floating down the Adventure River, or splashing up and down the playground structures of the Big Bucket Treehouse.

The Big Bucket Treehouse is full of child-friendly water slides which are the perfect thrill to start your day off right! If your kids are a bit hesitant to slide down on their own, they’ll be relieved to know that mummy or daddy can join them sliding down ? The slide also exits into a shallow pool (about ankle-high) so it’s suitable for younger kids with adult supervision too!

It even has a timed ‘big bucket flush’ that will send a waterfall cascading down on the waiting kids ? Waiting for that dramatic splash is one of our best memories from visiting water parks as a kid, and Adventure Cove Waterpark will definitely give your kids a memory equally priceless to look back on in the future.

P.S. Basic swim goggles and baby flotation devices are allowed so you can bring your own pieces along to keep the kids comfy! For adult/child flotation devices and life jackets, there are booths within Adventure Cove Waterpark where you can rent them for free.

For the more adventurous and curious bunch, we recommend paying a visit to the Rainbow Reef which is an interactive snorkelling experience that anyone above 107cm tall will be able to enjoy.

This is one of the rare chances where you can get face-to-face with thousands of colourful marine animals spread across a vibrant reef and is definitely a can’t-miss experience for any child (or adults who are children-at-heart too ?)

P.S. Kids between the heights of 107cm to 122cm will require parental supervision while exploring the Rainbow Reef.

Remember to take a break in-between tackling the rides to refuel with some finger food and snacks! ? The halal-certified Hot Dogs & Drinks snack carts will definitely be enough to keep you energized till the end of the day.

Soft drinks, hot dogs, and nacho chips with cheese dip are light enough to have you ready to swim once your meal’s over, but if you’re craving something a little more satisfying they even have briyani with daal and curry. ?

4. Reach new levels of excitement at Universal Studios Singapore

Is it even possible to visit Singapore and not spend a day here? ?

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is a world-class theme park - with rides based on your favourite movies and TV series, live performances, stage shows, and a variety of food options lined up. It's an all-in-one wonderland for the whole family!

By the way, Universal Studios Singapore’s baby centre is conveniently inside the Membership Lobby, right next to the park entrance! There are also stroller rentals near the park entrance and they even have double strollers on offer. Stroller rental is subject to availability so make sure to get there early.

Start your day right by heading straight for the Madagascar area to check out King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. This carousel is suitable for kids of all ages although those under 122cm will require parental supervision ? Your kids will get the chance to party along with their favourite Madagascar characters while listening to some high-energy music – definitely enough to get them excited for the day ahead!

Right next to Madagascar is none other than Far Far Away, the home of everyone’s favourite green ogre and his friends and family ? Older kids will be thrilled to ride Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey which follows the orange cat’s adventure to find the golden eggs. The attention to detail throughout the ride is amazing – there are animatronic cats that sing and dance, and huge library books with some interesting titles!

#HHWT Tip: Guests need to be at least 100cm tall to ride Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, and those between 100cm-122cm will need to be accompanied by a parent. For a complete look at Universal Studios Singapore’s height requirements to better plan out your day, check out their safety guide here!

Take a break from the heart-racing rides at the halal-certified Goldilocks located within Far Far Away itself, which sells crispy and tender fried chicken wings that’ll satisfy any appetite ? You can even buy some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dessert right after! If not everyone in the family is a fan of fried chicken that’s okay – you can takeaway food from the other halal-certified park restaurants such as Friar’s (pizza, burgers, and fries), Mel’s Drive In (All-American diner food), or Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court (Southeast Asian curries with rice, and treats such as satay) to eat together ?

One of the best parts of Universal Studios Singapore is definitely its prayer room! This is one of the few prayer rooms within the huge RWS complex, and it makes taking a break from rollercoasters and carousels to do your prayers so much easier. The prayer room is located in a separate building next to the Battlestar Galactica: Human VS Cylon dual rollercoasters, and is separated into men’s and women’s rooms that both include a wudhu (ablution) area too.

#HHWT Tip: Prayer mats are available for free use, but ladies are recommended to bring their own telekung (prayer garment) as there are only 2 pieces to share.

5. Dive into the wonder of the seas at the S.E.A. Aquarium

The oceans are some of the most mysterious and enchanting places in the natural world, and there’s nowhere better to get a peek into its wonders than at RWS’ own S.E.A. Aquarium ? The Aquarium is also super convenient for families to explore, as strollers are allowed as well as recommended inside for families with young children! Do note that there is no stroller rental available here.

P.S. The Aquarium’s nursing room is located outside its entrance, on the left side.

Once you enter the Aquarium you’ll come face to face with over 100 sharks across 12 species in the Shark Seas Habitat! The Aquarium smoothly transitions from habitat to habitat to display its wide variety of marine life, but we’re especially in love with the huge Open Ocean Habitat (OOH) located deep within the Aquarium. ? Take this chance to educate your kids about the 40,000 fish inside it across 120 species!

P.S. There’s a seating area at the OOH so you can take a break for a while and watch the fishes swim by!

If the habitats still seem a bit distant, you can always get up close with the marine life at the Touch Pool. Give your kids the memory of a lifetime by bringing them to dip their fingers into the water and get a feel of corals, starfish, and other curious fish friends!

6. Finish your exciting day out with a halal-certified feast

After a long day out under the sun going on rides and having the time of your life, we’re sure you’ll be looking for some delicious food to dig into.

At Malaysian Food Street (Waterfront, Level 1) you have the best local delicacies waiting in store – fancy some Nasi Lemak, or Roti Canai? This is exactly where you have to go! ? There’s nothing more satisfying than having some familiar comfort food when you’re on a trip, and it’ll definitely have you feeling ready to take on tomorrow’s activities too.

Conquering the best that RWS has to offer won’t be intimidating with this trusty guide on your side ? Who knew that it’s such a family-friendly place with so many amenities and accommodations? Plus there’s something for every member of the family to have fun, and we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life with your family while you’re here! Don't forget to check out these exclusive promotions before you head down.

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