This Restaurant In Alor Setar Serves Free Food For The Less Fortunate


Farah Fazanna •  Mar 01, 2023

Opened during the height of the pandemic in 2020, the restaurant, Rumah Makan Percuma in Simpang Empat Kangkong, Alor Setar offers free lunch for anyone in need. Anyone, from any background regardless of race, religion and status is welcome to enjoy the dishes served here.

Jaffri Ahmad and his wife Mazlina Makaruddin were inspired to open the restaurant when they went to perform their Umrah and saw how the community there would give out free food. When the pandemic happened and a lot of people’s income was affected, they decided to open the restaurant and helped the less fortunate.

They started with RM30,000 capital money and served about 200 people when they first opened. Now, they’re serving about 500 people a day. Some of the dishes include rice, chicken, various vegetables and drinks.

If you’d like to contribute, Rumah Makan Percuma accepts item donations such as rice, eggs, vegetables, sugar, fruits and many more. Check out their Instagram page for more information.

Opening hours: 12pm - 2pm (closed on Saturdays)

Address: 17M, Jalan Kampung Kangkong, Kampung Tanah Seratus Simpang Empat, 06650 Alor Setar, Kedah