This Popular Halal Buffet In SG Has An Underrated Menu Few Have Tasted Before


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 01, 2022

Say the name Royal Palm Meat And Dine, and almost all will know them by their high tea sets, and of course, the 1-for-1 freeflow hi-tea promotions. Yet Royal Palm Meat And Dine offer a wide range of food that goes beyond their high-tea sets, and the most obvious hint lies in their name ? While only a handful has tasted their underrated menu, the very same people have yet to be disappointed and have returned more than once to indulge in some of the most authentic Mediterranean/Persian food in town. If you want to join the exclusive club, here’s what you can expect! ?

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Royal Palm Meat And Dine’s Halal Mediterranean Cuisine

Credit: Royal Palm Meat And Dine for Facebook

Royal Palm Meat And Dine offers three different types of kubideh: lamb, beef and chicken. Kubideh is an Iranian kebab that’s mixed with ground pepper and chopped onions, before being thrown onto a skewer. The difference between the koftas we’ve all eaten is that the spicing is much heavier on sumac and turmeric, for an overall stronger, aromatic flavour. Pair it up with their saffron rice, and it’s truly a match made in food heaven! ?

Credit: Royal Palm Meat And Dine for Facebook

Another dish you have to try is their Lari Kebab. Your meat of choice (chicken or beef) is marinated in yoghurt, which makes your meats how it’s meant to be: juicy, and so tender that you can pull them apart easily with your bare hands ? With a myriad of other spices added as well (yes, including saffron, because it isn’t Persian without saffron!), it feels like you’re smelling perfume; it’s simply that fragrant! The taste though? Time to lari (run in Malay) to the restaurant and find out for yourself! ? 

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A good way to digest all these succulent meats is by drinking herbal tea, and what’s better than a warm cup of, you guessed it, saffron tea! Royal Palm Meat And Dine are actually the first in Singapore to offer saffron tea, which makes even more of a reason to try their Persian cuisine ?

We would love to eat all of these meats, but the best way to do so without overindulging too much at one go is definitely getting their Signature Mix Grill platter. From $72.90 for 2, you’ll be treated to 5 tantalising portions of meat: Lamb Kubideh, Chicken Kubideh, Beef Kubideh, Shahi Chicken, Lari Chicken Kebab or Lari Beef Kebab, with saffron rice and a complimentary plate of kunefe ?

P.S. Royal Palm Meat And Dine’s kunefe made it to our list of the best kunefe in Singapore, so you definitely will be treated to some of the cheesiest desserts ever. 

If you’re bringing a larger group of friends or family members, the Mixed Charcoal-Grilled platter for 4 will keep your bellies satisfied. From $145.90++, you’ll get 7 delicious meat portions: Lamb Kubideh, Chicken Kubideh, Beef Kubideh, Shahi Chicken, Lari Chicken Kebab, Lari Beef Kebab, Prawn Kebab or Shandiz Kebab. You will get servings of saffron rice and two complimentary plates of kunefe. We’re making your foodie trip to Royal Palm Meat And Dine even more exciting: they’re giving you a FREE 4 pax platter to ONE winner! ? All you have to do is simply follow these three steps:

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Winners will be announced via their Facebook page on 31st March 2022. If you didn't manage to win or get the chance to participate, fret not though, you’re still winners here! You’ll get 10% off your meals when you dine in! ? Do note that these discounts are not valid with other ongoing promotions. 

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Every trip to Royal Palm Meat And Dine is a pleasant surprise because there’s always something different you’ve yet to discover, just like their delectable Mediterranean/Persian spread! ? You’ll never leave eating the same old when you’re at Royal Palm Meat And Dine, and that’s a promise they deliver ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

Address: Royal Palm @ Village Hotel Bugis, 390 Victoria Street, #03-12A, Singapore 188061

Contact: +65 6339 7766

Book a reservation via this link

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