REVIEW: T’Way Air Round Trip Economy Class From Singapore To Incheon


Have Halal Will Travel •  Oct 19, 2023

Hi! We are Dee and Dam, a travel content creator duo a.k.a @lostinwanderbliss. Recently, we jet-setted to South Korea and the trip was amazing. We embarked on a journey, hopping from the bustling streets of Seoul to the beautiful beaches of Busan while Nami Island felt like a fairytale come to life with it’s enchanting beauty. Each place had its own unique charm. What’s even more exciting is to see more wallet-friendly flight choices available.

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We set off with T’Way Air, one of South Korea’s budget airline gems, offering direct flights to Seoul from Singapore. Direct flights mean less time twiddling thumbs – total win! Here is our review where we share our experience and all the essential details you need to know about T’Way Air.

At both Changi and Incheon airports, our check-in was smooth and hassle-free. The 6-hour T’Way flight from Singapore departed from Terminal 3. We took the flight at 1.55am, and as this carrier currently offers only one flight per day, it can be challenging for some. Both our flights to and from Incheon were on Airbus 330-300 aircraft. We reached safely at 9.35am, which was a great way to kickstart our Seoul adventure. Check out how we made the most of our 48 hours with the Discover Seoul Pass!

For our return journey, our flight departed at 7.10 pm, leaving us with ample time for some last-minute shopping.

T'Way Air Fares

Credits: T’Way Website for Feb’24 one-way flight fares

For Economy Class, T’way provides a range of ticket options, including Event, Smart, and Normal, with Event being the most affordable choice. Each tier offers distinct benefits to cater to different preferences and budgets.

We snagged a sweet deal for our round-trip economy class seats – just for SGD 470 each, compared to the significantly higher prices offered by other flights at that time.

Luggage allowance on T'Way Air

This ticket option allows you to pack up to 10kg of carry-on luggage and 15kg of checked baggage (which is a bonus!) – pretty nifty, right? And if you're a heavy packer, no worries, you could always toss in some extra luggage for a modest fee if needed!


The seating arrangement in a 2-4-2 configuration features clean, comfortable leather seats. This setup is great for travelling in pairs.

Our seats are also equipped with USB ports for charging our devices.


The seating on this Tway flight is standard for a low-cost carrier, offering an approximately 18-inch seat width and a 31-inch seat pitch. Let's be real; those headrests aren't winning any "comfiest" awards, but hey, they'll do the job for a quick trip, and we still managed to fall asleep on the flight. We wouldn't recommend these seats for a long-haul journey.

As for legroom, it worked well if you’re around (5ft 3in), but if you are taller, you may find it cramped.

For those seeking extra comfort and are willing to spend more, T'Way Air also provides a business class option featuring 12 premium flat beds.

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No inflight entertainment is available. Load up your Netflix favourites in your phone or tablet, like binge-worthy episodes of ‘Friends’ to keep you company on this journey.


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Meals are not included onboard. They can be purchased separately if needed. T’way meals feature authentic Korean cuisine, but it's important to note for Muslim travellers that these meals are not certified as halal. Regrettably, none of the available choices meet halal requirements.


The service at the airport and onboard is friendly. The flight attendant welcomed us with a warm smile. We found the aircraft to be in reasonably clean condition, and the restrooms were well-maintained.

Final thoughts

Our seats offered the standard features you'd expect from any carrier. They reclined for your comfort, had a convenient tray table for getting some work done, and provided reading lights for when the cabin dimmed.

While it wasn't the most comfortable journey, it efficiently transported us from our starting point to our destination promptly and at a highly affordable cost.

If we can nab another awesome deal, we're up for another T'Way Air adventure to Korea!

This article is contributed by HHWT Explorers Adam and Diyana. Follow their travel journey on Instagram@lostinwanderbliss!