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Readers’ Edition: 20 Travel Resolutions For 2017


 •  Dec 29, 2016


To kick start the New Year, we asked YOU what your travel resolutions are and your responses truly inspired us ☺️ To thank you, we’ve compiled our top 20 picks. Click to see if yours made the list! ??  
Credit: giphy Here are 20 amazing travel resolutions that YOU (our beloved readers ?) have!
Visit the forests of Canada covered in a white blanket

Aliaa Diyana on Facebook

Credit: Richard Schneider on Flickr Skydiving in Dubai

Fza Fzo on Facebook 

Watching aurora borealis!

Sinta Rachmawati on Facebook 

Explore Japan!

Firdauz Ahmad on Facebook 

Japan & Maldives! ??

@annissaanggun on Instagram


@a1shaaa___ on Instagram

Credit: Guilhem Vellut on Flickr Japan, suicide forest!!

@svbbyy_ on Instagram

I can't wait for 2017! This year's theme for me is diving: DEEP SEA DIVING in Pulau Perhentian and Lombok, and then SKYDIVING in Sydney! Because just like the wheel of life, you gotta go down first to come up, and after that you gotta still keep moving ? Bring dimension to your travel game: far + wide AND high + low ? May the next year bring you all memorable experiences, everyone! ?

@raz.berries on Instagram

Credit: @hichambsb on Instagram Stay in a Riad in Marrakech. I'm supposed to go last month. ???

@qadwoman on Instagram

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia - If you can do a halal report there I will be terribly impressed!

@ilyana.insyirah on Instagram

Have any of you been to Central Asia? My family and I are planning to go to Uzbekistan. I know "-tan" countries are not popular places to go but I'm so intrigued by the ancient silk road and the soviet era buildings..

@xeenscaif99 on Instagram

Cologne Germany in August 2017 to visit gamescom. Annual convention. Would be good to find out halal places in Germany!

@izzito on Instagram

Komodo Island! Indonesia

@anisablahblah on Instagram

New Zealand to visit the hobbit ?

@aysha_79 on Instagram

Scandinavian countries!

@zuzu_travelog on Instagram

London, i really miss my friend.. ? She lives there

@rachmatramadhan88 on Instagram

Explore Vancouver and Toronto and surviving with husband, toddler and in-laws in tow!

@yolkalicious on Instagram

Credit: @asepseptiawan on Instagram Going to Mecca to do Umrah, going to Turkey to enjoy hot air balloons and doing the extreme sport I've never done ???

@ekafl on Instagram

Thailand. aamiin... ?

@muh.imad on Instagram

Europe trip ! And Japan again ?

@fattah_26 on Instagram

We hope that this will inspire you to travel to these places, and more, too ☺️

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