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READERS' EDITION: 20 Reasons To Travel


Zarifah Azhar •  Dec 22, 2016


Here at HHWT, we love to travel? And so do you! If you've followed us on our Facebook or Instagram page, you'd remember that we asked you to let us know the reason you love travelling so much. So many of you responded and we're really overjoyed with the response!
Credit: GIPHY So without further ado, here's the top 20 reasons why YOU (our beloved readers?) travel! [caption id="attachment_16056" align="alignnone" width="1152"]
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I travel because.....i just love it

 I love to see different places, different people, different culture, tasting different food. It also opens up my mind, teach me to be independent & make me realised that we should always be thankful for everything....

- Diana Lapai on Facebook

I travel because my soul is craving for adventures!

- Shikin Hanipah on Facebook

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I travel because that's how I become wiser

Ambarizky Ayudyah Trinugraheni on Facebook

I travel because it enlightens the soul, warms the heart and uplifts the spirit, to learn the history of the country (esp countries with Islamic history), meet people from all over the country, experience their food and cultures. "Reading" the creations of Allah SWT, reflecting on the creations. Alhamdulillah. Following the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW ?

Sofia Az-Zahra on Facebook

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i travel because i want to feel small. we are all just living little dots compare to universe, and it makes me grateful and life is so beautiful when you're out there.

Husna Safira on Facebook

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I travel to feel different... Because sometimes it's nice being different and unexpected.

RyaFairuz Farina on Facebook

I travel because... it's one of the magical feelings you experience upon reaching your destination. You get to meet new people, eat their local food ,soak into their culture and history, dip your feet into their daily life activities and just plainly sitting around enjoying the holiday moments. That's why I travel ❤️❤️❤️

Nurul Kamariah on Facebook

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I travel because we live only once and travelling is the only way for me to see Allah creations, and find the true color of myself.

Nadiah Kamarudin on Facebook

I travel because it broadens my horizon and worldview as well as takes away the pain and suffering that builds up in our life and replaces it with laughter, joy and awe.

Ahmad Wazir Aiman on Facebook

i travel because it's my dream. My happiness, it leaves me speechless, then turns me into story teller. You go out from your comfort zone and you're able to do things you never knew you could do. Everything changes when you travel, you will have different points of view, you grow up and when you're having problems while travelling, you can't run away from it, you have to face it! It makes you strong to face it!

Cik Kaler on Facebook

I travel because it helps me to get to know me..being able to see the other side of the world..the beautiful wonderful landscape & sceneries...different cultures & traditions..plus the food..it is a blessing that I really truly appreciate & am thankful for..I travel because it teaches me a lot of things with regards to myself & life..travel can be expensive but the experience is priceless...

Nurul Ain on Facebook

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I travel because I believe the world is my classroom and the journey has taught me the real struggle and lessons of what life has to offer and it always gets me closer to the Creator of this world ?

Zaque Love on Facebook

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I travel because as quoted by Imam As-Shafi "in travel there are five benefits: relief of adversity, earning of livelihood, knowledge, etiquette and noble companionship." And it's during these travels that I see with my own eyes how God is great!

Ahmad Zulhilmi on Facebook

I love travelling because I love the feeling of being lost. Being in unfamiliar places and unknown surroundings, somehow it humbles me and taught me that I am not as great as I think I am. Exploring the beauty of God's creation, brings me a step closer to The All Mighty. Travelling awakens my soul!

- @shielaezan on Instagram 

I travel because I want to collect stories for my children - people/ nations, cities, places, cultures, designs, environment concepts, master plan, parks, flowers, pictures, landscapes, transportation, buildings, food, etc - I will tell them that travelling is a great lesson to learn many pages about this world. I travel because from the experiences we get, we learn tolerance, we gain knowledge, from many nations we met, we pray more, feeling grateful for the differences around the world.

- @purplenigma on Instagram

I travel because I love creating memories that are full of life, to be able to feel what it's like at different places and to be able to appreciate the littlest things that you gain

- @mhrhnrsn on Instagram

I travel because I can't stay still for too long. My legs are always looking forward to new roads, eyes are looking forward to new places and culture to be seen, hands are always typing new locations on Google to be explored, and most importantly, heart is always saying "Let's go!" but brain says "Where got money?" ?

- @zaktanwanderlust on Instagram

I travel because I believe God created this world for me to see every corner of it! ?

- @letteread on Instagram

I travel because we are ambassadors of our own religion and culture. What better way to share it by meeting with other people along the way!

- @_mhafiz on Instagram

I love to travel because it allows us to see life through unique lens and challenge our conceptions of conventional. I like to eat too! ?

- @feefaleeeee on Instagram

Feeling inspired yet? Why not make travelling your 2017 new year's resolution ?

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