Check Out This New Store In SG That Sells Sporty Hijab Outfits For Muslimahs!


Rita Razali •  Nov 23, 2021

Sporty hijabis, this is for you! It might be difficult to look for modest exercise clothing. Sports in hijab might be difficult in Singapore. It can be so difficult to find the perfect modest, sports outfit with a hijab to match. And we definitely don't want to miss out on activities with our loved ones. Our Tribes by HHWT Member, Rita Razali, shares with us this new place she found! It sells convenient, sports hijab outfits online and in store. Perfect for strolls, hiking or cycling with your loved ones.

RauQah, the Muslim-friendly sports clothing store!

''Err.. But I've got nothing to wear...''

How many times have we used this line when our family members or friends ask us to join them for hiking or for a gym session? And it can definitely be true! Sometimes, us Muslimahs have nothing that is both comfortable and offers coverage for such activities.

And with cycling being a trend now, I would love to be able to do all these things without thinking about what to wear. Fortunately, I came across this shop that offers a solution!

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Ms Faezah, the owner of RauQah is a nice and patient lady who took the time to explain everything about her collection to me. Apparently, RauQah is a popular brand in Brunei. And after receiving lots of requests from her Singaporean customers via Instagram and Facebook, the owner decided to open a store in Singapore! She has finally opened a physical shop at Havelock 2.

Today, majority of her customers order online but you can always walk in and visit her at her shop!

I always go for dark colors and RauQah offers a wide range of colours and designs. The best part is every single top comes with side pockets and side slits! How convenient! No more headaches trying to figure out where to place your personal belongings during runs and hikes.

The collection features outfits that use quick dri, or Drift eyelet (microfibre). The material is known to absorb well! Plus, it has decent chest coverage, so you don't have to worry about modesty. They even  have shawls that match your outfit! Outfits definitely will no longer be an excuse to not exercise.

Another great part of the collection is the range of sizes. She caters to all sizes, from XS to 9XL! Body-positive and convenient. The tops offered come in 2 lengths: knee length or below the knee length. You can also choose from a few different types of sleeves: normal sleeves, insert sleeves or  sleeves with a 2 inch or 5 inch grip.

Prices are affordable too. They can go for as low as $45 per top excluding pants (do note that this promo price for online purchases only). Pants are sold at $35 per pair and matching hijabs go for $30 per piece.

With the current trend of getting fit and staying healthy, we Muslimahs definitely do not want to be left behind. We, too can enjoy a scenic hike or a breezy ride on our bicycle with loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to get fit again!

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