Ratu Rening Residency: Stay At This Private Nature Retreat In Selangor


Cheng Sim •  Aug 01, 2020

There's something about nature retreats in Selangor that rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. Eclipsed by tall shady trees and serene ambience, it's the perfect place to escape city life and enjoy quality time with your family. Whether you're planning a large family getaway or yearly reunion, we might have found a place that can accommodate your family and relatives on your next trip.

Situated in Selangor, plan a nature getaway at Ratu Rening Residency. Perched in a lush jungle reserve near Banjaran Titiwangsa Range, you can expect laid-back atmosphere throughout your stay. This beautiful private estate consists of two properties named Sekebun Bunga and Dusun Raja.

Sekebun Bunga

Credit: Sekebun Bunga on Airbnb

Perfect for a group of 7-12 guests, nature lovers would be pleased by what Sekebun Bunga has to offer. Circled by a tropical floral garden and leafy jungle plants, this property also sits along Sungai Hijau, which makes a great place for a refreshing dip on a hot afternoon.

Credit: Sekebun Bunga on Airbnb

Sekebun Bunga is also where your family can rest peacefully throughout your vacation. Featuring 3 air-conditioned rooms that can fit up to 2-3 people each and an open-concept accommodation complete with 3 daybeds and 1 deck floor, there's enough room for everyone! Each room is also named after beautiful flowers such as Mawar, Melor, and Melati.

Credit: Sekebun Bunga on Airbnb

Besides that, there are other amenities available at Sekebun Bunga such as an open kitchen equipped with a stove and barbecue pit, a riverside shack, restrooms, shower rooms, spacious parking space (fit up to 20 cars) and an open-air garden named Taman Tepikali.

Credit: Sekebun Bunga on Airbnb

Complete with a 20-seater long dining table, Sekebun Bunga also doubles as an event space that is ideal for corporate workshops, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, wedding dinners, and more.

Dusun Raja

Credit: Ratu Rening Residency on Facebook

Ideal for 10-20 guests, Dusun Raja has a larger accommodation to fit the rest of your relatives as well as nieces and nephews. With the property set around a spring water reservoir, tranquillity is what you'll experience during your stay.

Credit: Dusun Raja on Airbnb

Dusun Raja has 3 air-conditioned houses named Rumah Tok Raja, Basa Tok Btara, and Gog Tok Slapik that can accommodate 4-6 people each. Wander around these houses to see wooden furniture and contemporary design filling up the entire space.

Credit: Dusun Raja on Airbnb

Each house is also fitted with comfortable beds, so everyone can rest comfortably after spending the day grilling burgers on the barbecue pit, getting a refreshing swim in the Blumbang Lelayang Mandi pond, and catching up with your family members around the bonfire.

Credit: Dusun Raja on Airbnb

Designed with glass windows, draw the curtains and wake up to the beautiful greenery that surrounds your home for the weekend. Let's not forget the private balcony that overlooks the entire courtyard too.

Credit: Ratu Rening Residency on Facebook

If you're planning a nature retreat with your family in Selangor, be sure to add Ratu Rening Residency to your bucket list! Need more ideas for a laid-back getaway? Check out these underrated staycations in Selangor for a quick escape.

Rate: Starts at RM1,714 per night (Sekebun Bunga) and RM2,714 per night (Dusun Raja)

Address: Kampung Hulu Rening, 44200 Batang Kali, Selangor

Contact: +6016 207 7671

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