10 Desserts & Drinks For Your Post-Terawih Treat


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 08, 2022

Imagine this: you’ve just finished your terawih prayers and you’re a little thirsty and hungry. Whether you’re looking for an eatery to stop over before heading home or a home-based business that delivers right to your doorstep, we’ve rounded up 11 spots in Singapore perfect for that post-terawih treat! ?

10 Dessert & Drinks For That Post-Terawih Treat

1. Markozar

Credit: Markozar

Craving for some martabak manis? You can’t go wrong with Markozar which started out as a stall at pasar malams to several outlets today! For that post-terawih treat, try their Keria Viral ($5.80) coated in caramelised gula melaka, or the Martabak Minis ($6.80) that come in 6 different tasty flavours like Cream Corn, Nutella Falls, Choco Rush and more! ?

P.S. Their Original Banana Cheese Fritters also make for a savoury snack. ?

Be sure to check out their stall at the Ramadan bazaar on Kandahar street from 1 April to 1 May for a taste of delightful treats! Plus, since it’s so close to Masjid Sultan, you won’t even have to pre-order yours, just walk over to the stall after ? 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Outlets: Click here

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday : 2pm-10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 2pm-10pm

Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Rayyrizq 

Credit: Rayyrizq

Craving for delectable desserts? Rayyrizq is the spot to get them from! Rayyrizq is the distributor of the delightfully rich and creamy Biscochiz Ice Cream Cheesecake. Pick from 5 delicious flavours including Mango, Salted Caramel, Tiramisu and more. Made of premium and high-quality ingredients, your ice cream cheesecake will sweeten up your night. 

P.S. Order a minimum order of 2 tubs from their Couple Set any time from 1 April to 15 April 2022  and get $2 off all orders with no minimum purchase ? Sign up to be a Tribes member, and you'll get a special promo code! Afterwards, use the code and make your purchase via this link?


Halal Status: Halal-Certified by JAKIM

Opening Hours: 9.30am to 11.00pm

Contact: 87884568

Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Teh Tarik Shus Bro 

Credit: Teh Tarik Shus Bro

Teh Tarik Shus Bro is a home-based business that caters creamy and flavourful Mama Teh Tarik! Catering options range from 3 litres (15 cups) to 19 litres (100 cups), so you don’t need to worry about holding back. Perfect for when you have family and friends over too ? Enjoyed both hot and cold with just the right amount of sweetness, Teh Tarik Shus Bro’s drinks are perfect for that post-terawih refreshment!

P.S. They also serve Cold Teh Tarik In A Pouch if you’d like to carry your drink around with you! 

Oh, and did we mention? From 3 April 2022 to 2 May 2022, Tribes members can enjoy free delivery with no minimum purchase! Just send a screenshot of your Tribes Membership account to Teh Tarik Shush Bro, and you’re in ? Sign up to be a Tribes member here! 

Teh Tarik Shus Bro 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm

Contact: 90911848

Order Here | Instagram

4. Yurinka

Credit: Yurinka 

How about some yummy popsicles? ? Yurinka’s cold and tasty treats will have you craving for more. With 8 different flavours to choose from, there’s a little something for every palate. 

For something fruity, have a taste of the Cocorie or BerryVae! They’re made with mangoes and berries for a refreshingly good treat. For a little something sweeter, the Mudbank is the perfect popsicle for every chocaholic. Who could resist? ?


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Contact: 90174326

Instagram | Website

5. Raf.Rohmini

Credit: Raf.Rohmini

You’ll be levelling up your post-terawih treats with this home-based business ? What started off as a family-business for wedding services and products now serves some of the best Panna Cottas! Their treats come in bundle sets of 4, 6, and 12 cups, so both you and your loved ones can dig into this tasty Italian dessert. 

P.S. Order from them this Ramadan and get up to 10% discount! All you have to do is add their number to your contact list and Whatsapp them. Once done, you’ll be added to a platform where you’ll receive special discount codes for their next pre-order. Pretty sweet, don’t you think? 


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


Facebook | Instagram | Carousell

6. AJ Delights

Credit: AJ Delights

This humble hawker-certified stall offers high-quality muffins at affordable prices, so you can delight in yummy bakes post-terawih! They’ve got a wide variety of flavours for you to taste, including the Chocolate Streusel and Matcha ? So how about some fluffy, mildly sweet, freshly-baked muffins? ? 

If you’re preparing for that post-Terawih treat with AJ Delights, be sure to flash your Tribes membership account while ordering in-store to redeem their special offer for Ramadan: 5% off with no minimum spending! 

AJ Delights

Halal Status: Halal-Certified

Address: Blk 120, #01-82 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday (1.30pm till sold out)

Contact: 96613354

Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Popiah Original

Credit: Popiah Original

Since 1976, Popiah Original’s Popiahs are not to be messed with. Their authentic recipe has been preserved through generations and includes homemade skin and sambal, a wide range of fillings for you to choose from, and you can get it either steamed or deep-fried! 

Popiah Original is also one of the first spots in Singapore to create a blend of Asian, Western & Mediterranean taste with their beef Kofta Popiah and Dendeng Popiah! Both top-selling products, you’re going to be in food haven with these unique treats! 

Plus, if you order their delightful popiahs any time from 10 April 2022 to 10 August 2022, you can enjoy 20% off with no minimum order! All you have to do is sign up to be a Tribes member, so be sure to sign up to here! 

P.S. If you walk in to their store, you could also claim 1 free classic Popiah with any minimum purchase of $10 per receipt. ?

Popiah Original

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: 430 Upper Changi Rd #01-03 East Village Mall, Singapore 487048

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays to Thursdays: 11.30am-7pm 

Fridays to Sundays: 11.30am-7.30pm

Ramadhan hours, Tuesdays to Sundays: 3pm-7pm

Contact: 87234574

Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Brod and Paj

Credit: Brod and Paj

This healthy and vegan-friendly bakery has incredibly delicious, plant-based bakes that will leave you craving for more! Be sure to check out their iconic Classic Cinnamon Rolls topped with smooth cashew cream if you’re heading over. Alternatively, give their No Bake Date Brownies or savoury pot pies a try ? 

Oh and did we mention? You’ve got to check out their April specials. Chocolate Orange Hot cross Buns, Ajwa Date Brownies and more! Their Ajwa Date Brownies are made with special Ajwa dates and cocoa powder, then topped with rich and chocolatey agave glaze for a delicious, yet low-calorie and gluten-free sweet treat. 

Brod and Paj 

Halal Status: Vegan 

Address: 80 Changi Road , #02-47, Singapore 419715

Contact: 93211502

Opening Hours: 

Instagram | Website

9. Smallantz

Credit: Smallantz

Smallantz is a home-based business that is known for its super addictive baklava rings. 

Be sure to try the Smores (Nutella topped with homemade marshmallow fluff) and the Premium Banoffee Filling (Dulce de leche and banana slices, topped with a dollop of fresh cream, and dusted with Callebaut Cocoa). ? For something a little more traditional, have a bite of the Ondeh Ondeh Cake instead!

Don’t forget their Ramadan and Eid promo while you’re ordering! The Ramadhan/Eid Party Set includes 60 pieces of baklavas, 32 brownie bites and an 8 inch Ondeh Ondeh Cake! 

Not to mention the 5% off you’ll get with a minimum order of $50 for all Tribes members. Sign up to be a Tribes member here! 


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Contact: 88932300

Instagram | Website

10. Momolato

Credit: Momolato

This tropical-themed shophouse cafe can be found in popular Haji Lane, just a walk away from Masjid Sultan! So if you’ve prayed terawih at Masjid Sultan, feel free to head on over, it couldn’t get more accessible than this.

Boasting 18 halal, gourmet, keto, vegan and sugar-free desserts, this spot will level up your post-terawih treat session ? Pick from an array of popsicles, waffles, croffles and other artisanal creations! 

For Ramadan 2022, Momolato Cafe even has a new series of special flavours just for that refreshing post-terawih treat. Have a taste of the Ondeh Ondeh and Lychee Yogurt Korean Strawberry ice cream, before delighting in Coconut Gula Melaka with Dates and Triple Chocolate! There’s definitely a little something for every palate. 

Credit: Momolato

The best part? You don’t have to just pick one flavour! From now till 15 May 2022, you can get 3 scoops of their Ramadan ice cream flavours for only $10 ? 

Alternatively, head to their online shop for a curated Ramadan Deluxe Gift Set ($60) or Ramadan Signature Gift Set ($45) for the perfect gift for your loved ones (or you could indulge in it yourself, your choice ?). The Signature Gift Set consists of 3 gelato pints of the Ramadan flavours. But if you buy the Deluxe Set, you get the pints, as well as 6 fresh fruit popsicles! 

Plus, if you use promocode HHWT2022 on their online site, you’ll be getting a 10% discount for other gelato and popsicles ?  Talk about Ramadan deals!


Halal Status: Halal-Certified

Address: 34 Haji Lane S189227

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 1pm to 11pm  

Friday to Saturday: 12pm to 2am

Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

Contact: 9679 7268

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Don’t these just sound absolutely irresistible? ? Be sure to share this with your loved ones to plan your next post-terawih treat!