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10 Iftar And Sahur Delivery Options In Singapore This Ramadan


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 13, 2022


This year’s Ramadan is finally back to the good ol’ pre-Covid days of outdoor bazaars and large iftar gatherings 🤩 But if you still want to err on the side of caution in lieu of the large crowds these days, or perhaps you forgot to prepare any food for sahur again 🤔, it’s time to turn to foodpanda and order in or tapau some of your favourites to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. As an extra bonus, foodpanda has some great deals on pick-up, making it extra tempting to tapau your food instead! We're talking full menu discounts ranging from 15-35% on thousands of vendors - here are some of our favourites 😋Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

Have Your Sahur And Iftar Meals Covered With Exclusive Discounts From Foodpanda This Ramadan 2022

Sahur Options This Ramadan 2022

1. Srisun Express
Credit: foodpandaSrisun Express is known for their Goreng Specials which include fried rice or noodles (mee goreng, kway teow, Maggi, bee hoon) and cheese fries! 🤩 As if that doesn't sound appetising enough, you can take it up a notch by getting their Tarik specials instead, which has chicken or mutton satay as an add-on 😋 Besides that, their mouth-watering chicken, mutton and fish murtabak, thosai, biryani and prata will be the comfort food you'd need to fill your tummy for sahur! Since it’s open 24 hours, you can order your meal a few hours before your sahur! All fresh and delicious 😍Halal status: Halal-Certified
2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Credit: foodpandaSahur is like your very early breakfast you’ll need to power through the day, so what better option than The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s All-Day Breakfast range? 😍 From hearty meals like their Breakfast Platter to quick, fuss-free options such as Turkey Ham & Cheese Croissant, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Their outlets are open from 5 am onwards, and you can pick up your order in as fast as 10 mins! So if you’re in need of a quick sahur fix, you know where to head to 😊Halal status: Halal-certified
3. Penyet King
Credit: foodpandaFor a delicious plate of savoury goodness, you can trust Penyet King to serve up a scrumptious plate of ayam penyet! 🥰 Pair their crispy fried chicken with flavourful sambal and fragrant rice, and we bet your tummy will be kept full till iftar comes! Here’s a tip: to prevent any last-minute hiccups for sahur, why not schedule your order up to 3 days in advance on foodpanda? On the day itself, you can simply wait for your meal to be delivered, all freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep with all those worries kept at bay 😋 Halal status: Halal-certified
4. Syed Cafe
Credit: foodpandaAnother popular 24-hour outlet you must check out is Syed Cafe. Located at the famed supper spot of the East, Simpang Bedok, it’s known for its delicious naans, curries, crispy pratas and more! They also have rice options if you’re feeling peckish. Just like your comforting supper meals, anything from Syed Cafe would definitely be tasty and filling! Halal status: Halal-certified
5. Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant
Credit: foodpandaCraving for some Indonesian food? Perhaps it’s time to try Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant! Try various traditional Balinese and fusion Indonesian fare such as Udang Sambal Belado (fried sambal prawns), Ayam Panggang (charcoal-grilled chicken) and Sop Buntut Nusantara (oxtail soup) 🤤 If you’re looking for something a tad fancier for sahur, Kintamani’s exquisite dishes are something you definitely have to try! 😍Halal status: Halal-certified

Iftar Options This Ramadan 2022

6. Wingstop
Credit: foodpandaAt Wingstop, you can be sure to expect explosive flavours paired with juicy, succulent buffalo-style wings. Choose from hand-breaded, boneless or classic wings; before selecting the sauce(s) of your choice. Think you can take the heat? 🤩 Try their Atomic, Mango Habanero or Kecap Manis sauces – you’ll need a huge jug of liquid to wash them down! For those who can’t take spice, milder flavours like Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Pepper are your best bets. Add on a side of jalapeño cheese fries and you’ve got yourself one scrumptious iftar meal! 😋 Here’s a special promotion for all Wingstop fans: if you tapau using pick-up on foodpanda, you’ll get 35% OFF your order via this link from 11 April to 1 MayHalal status: Halal-certifiedP.S. There are also so many other halal eateries that offer pick-up discounts of 15% to 35% off the full menu from 11 April to 1 May, such as Domino’s, Subway, Long John Silver’s, Eighteen Chefs, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Popeyes; the list goes on! Head to the foodpanda app or website and check out these exclusive discounts now! 
7. Crave
Credit: foodpandaThis Nasi Lemak store has gained significant popularity over the years. With over 20 outlets around Singapore, the award-winning franchise sells some of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore 😍 From crunchy, flavourful Ikan Bilis and nuts to its tantalising, iconic sambal, you'll savour every moment of your iftar meal 😋 Did you know that Crave also offers pick-up discounts of up to 35%? All you have to do is head to the foodpanda app or website via this link and order away! Halal status: Halal-certified
8. Maki-san
Credit: foodpandaIf you prefer something light but filling for iftar, Maki-san definitely would be a good choice 🤩 You can personalise your sushi to your preferences. Select from over 25 ingredients including plant-based and meat-free options (like Impossible Meat), and also classics such as California Dreaming (California roll), or the Thai-inspired Tom-Yummy that comes with Tom Yum sauce if you’re not feeling up to some DIY 🥺 Since it’s sushi, having it as fresh as possible would be great so why not opt for pick-up instead? Order ahead on the app or website via this link and skip the queues when you self-collect your food all while enjoying guaranteed discounts! 🥳Halal status: Halal-certified 
9. Gong Cha
Credit: foodpandaIf you’re a die-hard bubble tea fan and you miss it so much, especially during Ramadan, it’s time to order some Gong Cha. By now, you already know the drill, so add on your favourite tapioca pearls, jellies and more, and feed that bubble tea-sized hole in your tummy 😋 Enjoy 15% off if you choose to tapau through pick-up! Nothing beats a cold refreshing drink to break fast and you don’t have to wait for delivery. Such good, sweet deals must be shared! Halal status: Not halal-certified but all ingredients used are halal-certified.
10. Amigo's
Credit: foodpandaCraving some old school western? Amigo’s is your choice! Chicken Chop Pasta, Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce, Crispy Fried Wing Rice, and the list doesn’t end there! 🤤 It’s perfect to last through the night for your sahur or a comforting, delicious meal for iftar. Well, they really live up to their name, don’t they? A friend in need is a friend indeed 😉Halal status: Halal-certifiedWe’re pretty sure by now you’ll already be salivating and setting your sights on a few of the food delivery or pick-up options that we’ve provided. So if you want to have your iftar meals in the comfort of your home and away from the crowds, host large iftar gatherings at home, or even plan ahead for your sahur so that you wouldn’t have to worry about cooking up a meal in the wee hours of the morning, foodpanda has got you covered! There are still more deals you should check out from foodpanda, so stay up to date by following them on their Instagram and Telegram ChannelWebsite | Facebook | InstagramThis article is brought to you by foodpanda.