This Halal Kitchen In SG Serves Nasi Padang And Peranakan Cuisine For A Charitable Cause


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 29, 2022

Ramadan is a special time of year - a time when Muslims around the world unwind down from their daily lives and focus on community, charity, fasting, and prayer. If you're looking for a way to be more charitable this Ramadan, why not check out S17 Community Kitchen, where you can try a variety of delicious meals while helping to fund their cause? ?

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S17 Community Kitchen, Nasi Padang By Day And Peranakan Food By Night

S17 Community Kitchen is part of a ground-up initiative, The Saturday Movement, by Mr Raymond Khoo, an executive chef at The Peranakan. The Saturday Movement began more than a decade ago with a few volunteers called the Saturdays and they provide a variety of support to residents, mainly the elderly and needy families, at Lengkok Bahru. From providing free meals (about 500 a week) to 1200 units of rental flats in the area, weekly befriending sessions and eventually opening up S17 Community Kitchen, which serves up delicious nasi padang, Peranakan cuisine, and satay! The kitchen is also run by residents themselves who cooks up some of these meals and volunteers. Here's what you can expect for your iftar sessions!

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If you would like to take away some Malay dishes for iftar, S17 Community Kitchen provide a tantalising array of dishes. One popular choice among long-time patrons is the Mee Rebus with the additional option of adding Beef Rendang ? The gravy is made with grago (krill) which makes for a very flavourful and addictive broth. You definitely have to take the option of upsizing your mee rebus by adding their beef rendang, which is slightly sweeter due to the use of the sweet, nutty desiccated coconut. Your iftar session just got even more amazing ?

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For a heartier meal, their nasi padang is definitely the way to go. From local favourites such as Sambal Goreng, Ayam Masak Lemak (chicken cooked in spicy coconut gravy) and of course, Beef Rendang as well, you'll be spoilt for choice! ?

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If you're having a large family gathering, having a satay platter would be the perfect option! Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, it's truly the epitome of a satay tastes like. Pair it up with their fragrant, savoury peanut sauce for a complete, mouthwatering meal! ?

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Looking for places to iftar with your loved ones? Break your fast at the kitchen itself! They serve up an array of authentic Peranakan cuisine prepared by a 3rd generation Peranakan chef, Chef Gabriel! Some of the favourites include Ayam Buah Keluak and Udang Masak Nenas ?

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For dessert, you definitely have to try their green beans with jackfruit and banana, which ends your day of fasting on a sweet, comforting note. If you intend to break your fast here with your family and friends, do note that they have limited seatings and it's only open from 5pm to 9pm in April, so book a reservation via Whatsapp through this link now!

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All the profits earned from S17 Community Kitchen will be returned back to the community, be it to fund the kitchen, or to provide meals for the residents. It's the best of the both worlds: eating delicious meals for iftar while doing good for the community during this holy month ?

You can also donate to the cause or join them in their volunteer efforts every Saturday morning at Block 52 Lengkok Bahru. You can check out for more information via this link.

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Being charitable in the holy month of Ramadan is truly a rewarding task for you and for those in need, and you'll get the benefit of having good meals for iftar. Check out S17 Community Kitchen this Ramadan 2022!

Halal status for S17 Community Kitchen: Halal-certified

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