13 Ramadan Bazaars In SG This 2019 And The Yummiest Treats You Should Try


Faruq Senin •  May 09, 2019

There are so many things we look forward to during Ramadan like strengthening our iman, spending quality time with loved ones and of course, Ramadan bazaars ?

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With so much good food to be thankful for and the chance to soak in the Ramadan atmosphere, a trip to any bazaar is a must during the blessed month! Thankfully for us, there are so many bazaars to choose from in Singapore and there's a wide variety of interesting cuisines too, including both traditional and hipster food. If you're wondering where to get yummy treats for iftar, here's the ultimate guide to Ramadan bazaars in Singapore plus highlights for each of them!

Major Bazaars (Whole of Ramadan):

1. Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar (3 May - 5 June)

Of course, no bazaar list would be complete without including the biggest Ramadan bazaar in Singapore - Geylang Serai! With much hype about this year's bazaar featuring more traditional stalls, the HHWT team went down to check it out for ourselves.

Credit: @charkoisg on Instagram

This year's bazaar seems to offer a more balanced mix of hipster and traditional food. For those excited to see what's new, head over to Charkoi (WGS G294) for their selection of Chinese youtiao (fried dough - $4 to $6.50) topped with Nutella, cheese chicken floss, rendang and more ? We also loved Fooditude's Chilli Crab Praffles (prata waffles - from $8.90), Boba Tea-Infused Pancakes from Alley ($9.90) and Milk Bro's Signature Taiwan Flaming Boba Milk with Cream Mousse ($5.90).

But if you're old school at heart, then take delight in the array of traditional food that'll bring back memories from the good old days. We enjoyed Ranor's (WGS A 344) otak-otak (5 for $3) which was tasty and came in generous portions. The stall even had other variations of grilled fish meat like pepes and satar ikan. The usual suspects like Ayam Percik (grilled chicken marinated with spices), dendeng (barbecued meat) and apam balik (turnover pancake) are also scattered throughout the bazaar so make sure you try them ?

What's more, this year's bazaar has a more family-friendly ambience, with ample seating space and more spacious walkways. So, you won't need to squeeze with the crowd or stand while eating - you can have a proper iftar there too! Check out our full list of 18 things you need to try at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar ?

Location: Around Wisma Geylang Serai, Engku Aman Rd, Tanjong Katong Complex, Changi Rd (Darul Arqam)

Opening hours: Most stalls open from around 3/4pm till late

Directions: Walk around 5-10 minutes from Paya Lebar MRT Station

2. Ramadan Sultan Bazaar (4 May - 2 June)

Although much smaller in scale than the Geylang Bazaar, the Ramadan Sultan Bazaar (a stretch outside Masjid Sultan) is filled with a great variety of food.

One of the returning favourites is T-Bob's Corner with their Texas BBQ Smoked Brisket, Beef Ribs and Pulled Lamb Burger - perfect if you're craving for some hearty meats for iftar ?

Some newcomers this year are Eid Mubarak Feast which sells various sandwiches and wraps. Try their katsu cutlet sandwiches which cost around $8 and they also have Wagyu wraps which are priced at 2 for $10. Do note that you need to come before 3pm to get them as they are really popular! Other new things you can look forward to are the mala noodles and hotpot from Xiao Man Niu Mala Hotpot and Tuk Tuk Cha which just became halal-certified this year. Whether you're looking for their refreshing Thai Milk Tea or their golden toast, you can get them here!

Besides that, don't miss out on the traditional Malay and Indian dishes like lemang (glutinous rice cooked in bamboo sticks), Nasi Ambeng and Briyani. Looking for dessert to cap off your iftar? Wash your meal down with some mouthwatering cendol from Cendol Geylang Serai ?

Location: Outside Sultan Mosque, along Muscat St

Opening hours: Stalls usually start opening around 12pm and close after Maghrib

Directions: From Bugis MRT station, walk 5 minutes to the bazaar.

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3. Bazaar Raya Utara (3 May - 1 June), Woodlands

One of the go-to bazaars for North siders every year, Bazaar Raya Utara is back with more exciting offerings this year! Looking for a twist to a popular Malay dish, satay? Head over to The Original Pisang Keju and try out their Satay Keju (cheese satay).

Credit: @theoriginalpisangkeju on Instagram

Who knew that the tender meat of satay would pair so well with cheese AND the sweetness of the peanut sauce? One tip is to get your hands on it fast as it's usually sold out early!

Another twist to a traditional favourite is Joni's roti john (minced meat and egg on baguette). Instead of using minced meat as its main ingredient, Joni uses tenderloin instead and its roti john is topped with yummy sauces like honey BBQ, sour cream and Nacho Cheese ? Another hot favourite at this bazaar is the takoyaki from Topping de Cuppies - with generous amounts of filling, sauce and bonito flakes, this takoyaki is so rich in flavour!

Credit: @dinewithyeo on Instagram

If you're looking to end your meal with a great dessert, look no further than Cake Love which specialises in Dutch baby pancakes called poffertjes. Try out different flavours like smores, nutella, ondeh-ondeh and more for a sweet finish to your iftar. Afterwards, wash them all down with PlanB's decadent smoothies - quench your thirst with their D24 Durian Smoothie ?, Cendol Smoothie or Mango & Strawberry Smoothie.

What's great about the Woodlands Bazaar is that you can find many of the popular stalls at Geylang Bazaar here like Milk Bro, Beef Bro, Broti, Markozar, Perghh Corndog, Rumi The Poet's Cup and Chix Monster Halal Flaming Chicken. So, if you're too lazy to make the trip east and don't want to brave the crowd, we suggest heading to the Woodlands Bazaar instead!

Location: outside Woodlands MRT station

Opening hours: Most stalls usually open from 3pm onwards till late

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4. Vintage Ramadan Bazaar @ Kampong Punggol (3 May - 3 June)

While we see many fusion dishes at other bazaars, the items at the Vintage Ramadan Bazaar in Punggol are more traditional. With just a small number of stalls confined to a small court, the ambience here is pretty laid back. Plus, it's located near Punggol Waterway and away from HDB flats too ?

Credit: Yuseffendy M.S. on Facebook

One of the appetising dishes here is the Laksa Ketam (crab laksa). Believe it or not, you'll get a whole crab to savour with scrumptious laksa gravy - priced from $12-$15, it's definitely value for money and will fill you up for iftar.

Besides that, you can also look forward to a whole array of authentic Malay dishes to take away and eat with rice or get your fill of Ayam Percik where you'd be able to see the stall vendor grilling and preparing the chicken. Don't miss out on other treats like roti kirai (net bread) and popiah basah (wet spring rolls) too!

If you're looking for something different, then head over to Redz Kitchen to try halal Beef Bak Kut Teh with rice ($8). The broth is simmered with spices and beef and it has a slight peppery taste to it without being too overwhelming. We couldn't help but keep slurping the broth as it was so yummy and not to mention that the stall is also generous with their beef chunks! Redz also sells Thai Beef Soup ($6) and Rojak Petis ($5) among other food.

Not forgetting a wide range of Malay kuih and traditional desserts here too. Get your fill of authentic kuih like pisang goreng, putri salat, epok-epok and more. A traditional dessert that you can expect here is Acong's Cendol Santan Sawit, which was a hot favourite at last year's bazaar.

Address: 50 Punggol East, SEED Container Park @ SIP, Singapore 828826

Opening hours: 4pm - 10pm

Directions: From Punggol MRT Station, take the LRT East Loop and alight at Riviera Station. From the station, walk about 3-5 minutes towards Punggol Waterway to reach the bazaar.

5. Hari Raya Bazaar 2019, Our Tampines Hub (3 May - 2 June)

The Hari Raya Bazaar at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) has been serving residents for a few years now and this year is no exception. One of the new additions to the bazaar is a cross between 2 stalls - Yok Lok Lok and Beef Up.

Credit: @yokloklok on Instagram

For the uninitiated, Beef Up is a halal eatery in Toa Payoh serving authentic Taiwan cuisine and they are giving you a taste of their XXL Chicken Cutlet ($5), a famous Taiwanese delicacy! Pair that up with their savoury sweet potato fries for a complete meal ? Yok Lok Lok sells lok-lok, a popular street dish in Penang, Malacca and Kuching, Malaysia. It consists of various deep-fried meat and vegetables which are served on skewers. You can choose your preferred items and the stall vendors will prepare it for you!

Credit: Zr Sg on Facebook

But for those of you who are looking for something nostalgic, head over to ZR for their specialty, Putu Bambu. If you're familiar with putu piring, this is actually the same thing but it's steamed in bamboo instead! This used to be a favourite in bazaars many years ago.

Credit: Ismail Sudin on Facebook

If you wish to have something more filling, we suggest heading over to Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar and savour their rice with grilled chicken. This hot favourite from the Geylang Serai Market has customers coming back for more with some saying that it's the best grilled chicken they've tasted!

Besides these yummy offerings, you can also look forward to the typical bazaar items like vadai, putu piring, takoyaki, popiah basah, briyani and so much more.

#HHWT Tip: Our Tampines Hub is near Darul Ghufran Mosque so you can conveniently do your prayers after filling your tummy ?

Address: 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528729

Opening hours: Most stalls open from 3pm to about 9pm

Directions: From Tampines MRT station, walk about 5 minutes to Our Tampines Hub.

Mini Bazaars (Whole of Ramadan)

Apart from the major bazaars around Singapore, there are a number of mini bazaars which are mostly held at the void decks of HDB flats. Most of them have only around 10-15 stalls but you'd be surprised at the variety of food you'll find at these mini bazaars.

6. Blk 863, Tampines St 83

The bazaar at Blk 863 has been serving Tampines residents even before OTH was established. If you're looking for a fusion of Mexican and Malay flavours, head over to No Pat No Pit for their tantalising burritos.

Credit: @no_pat_no_pit on Instagram

Take your pick from their Mutton Satay Burrito ($7), Cheesy Chicken Burrito ($5) and Cheesy Chicken Burrito with Egg ($6). Their meats are marinated overnight and then grilled to perfection, so you know you're in for a treat ? Their Jamah Sets are also a best-seller - potato wedges, mutton satay, chicken burrito, cheese and sauces are put together for a satisfying meal.

Credit: Tampines Central on Facebook

Here, you can also get your usual items like Malay lauk (dishes), Malay kuih Ramly burger and Nasi Ambeng. If you're looking for desserts, make sure you stop by Crust and Crumbs and treat yourself to their bite-sized mini cakes and cookies. But if you want something refreshing instead, don't hesitate to get the Traditional Cendol Melaka which is guaranteed to leave you satisfied!

Address: Blk 863 Tampines Street 83, Singapore 520863

Opening hours: 1pm - 7.30pm

Directions: From Tampines MRT, take bus 34 from Our Tampines Hub bus stop or walk for 13-minutes (1.1 km) to Blk 863.

7. Blk 301, Tampines St 32

Another bazaar in Tampines? We're not kidding! Blk 301 is another hot spot for Tampines residents to buy goodies for their iftar. Beyond the selection of Malay lauk and kuih, here's where you can find the famous Satay Solo from Bedok Corner which is known for their juicy and well-marinated satay.

Credit: @intrendkitchen on Instagram

Want something sweet to accompany your iftar meal? Make your way to Intrend Kitchen for their nutella-filled doughnut (5 for $5) or get your fix of churros. But if you prefer some traditional munchies, their cekodok (fried banana balls) will be just what you need ?

Credit: @kaki_lepak_sg on Instagram

If you're craving a cold sweet drink but want to keep it for until after Terawih prayers, Kaki Lepak's drinks would be perfect. Their signature butterbeer (non-alcoholic) is a must-try! The best part is, it comes in a bottle, so you can keep it to drink later at night. There's a sign on the bottle which says, "Extremely Addictive" so you might just want to get more than 1 of those ? They also have a selection of other drinks like Kathira, Bandung and more.

Address: Blk 301, Tampines St 32, Singapore 520301

Opening hours: 3pm - 7pm

Directions: Blk 301 is about a 2-minute walk from Tampines East MRT Station.

8. Jurong West Bazaar Ramadhan 2019 (6 May - 2 June)

Credit: @terangbulan.sg on Instagram

Don't worry, West siders, we haven't left you out! Located at Blk 422 in Jurong West, this mini bazaar has been pulling in the crowds every Ramadan for many years.

Credit: Jurong Bazaar Ramadhan 2019 on Facebook

One of the bazaar's highlights this year is martabak manis stall Terang Bulan. With only a shop in the East and selected delivery locations around Singapore, now those in the West can get a taste of this delicious Indonesian pancake. Get their Pizza Terbul where you can have all their amazing flavours in one - from nutella banana (nutnana) to nutella peanut (nutnana) and nutella oreo (Nut O). Their Nasi Ayam Geprek (from Sotong Brothers) is also on the menu!

Credit: Jurong Bazaar Ramadhan 2019 on Facebook

For those who love to have some Malay kuih when you break fast, you'd love Gerai Kak Rehan! The selection of Malay kuih at this stall is extensive - from the sweet to savoury. Get your hands on some ondeh-ondeh, kuih keria (Malay doughnuts), kuih tako (coconut jelly dessert), kuih lapis and more ? Plus, a wide variety of packed food that you can eat for iftar too.

Address: Blk 422 Jurong West Street 42, Singapore 640422

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Directions: From Lakeside MRT station, take bus 98 or 187.

BONUS: Kuihzania, Junction 9, Yishun (6 May - 3 June)

This isn't a mini bazaar per se but we just had to include it in this list for all you kuih lovers! Tucked away in a neighbourhood mall called Junction 9 in Yishun, Kuihzania is a makeshift stall with an extensive variety of traditional Malay kuih and desserts ?

Credit: Yusoff Abu Bakar on Facebook

What's great is that the items are really affordable too at just $2 each. If you get 3 of them, you'll only need to pay $5 and you can mix and match all your favourite kuih!

Credit: Yusoff Abu Bakar on Facebook

That's not all - besides kuih, you can also get pre-packed food here from mee goreng, nasi goreng, chicken rice and even takoyaki ? Plus, you can get a range of cold bottled drinks too like bandung, kathira and more.

Address: #01-45, Junction 9, 18 Yishun Ave 9, Singapore 768897

Opening hours: 3pm - 7pm

Directions: From Yishun MRT station, take bus 811 or walk around 15 minutes (1 km) to Junction 9.

Other mini bazaars to check out:

  • Blk 358, Tampines St 33
  • Blk 201E, Tampines Street 23 (Afghanistan Family Restaurant)
  • Blk 105, Pasir Ris St 12
  • Blk 2A, Commonwealth Drive, #01-22, Tanglin Halt Food Centre (DJ Muslim Seafood)
  • Blk 508, Jurong West St 52, #01-70 (Ayza's Restaurant)
  • Blk 129 Bedok North Street 2 (Mukmin Restaurant)

Bazaars happening on weekends:

Apart from all those other bazaars, there are many more events that are only held on weekends. Yay, more options for us to find good food ? Here's a list of them:

9. Ramadhan Bazaar @ Tampines West CC (9-12 May)

Organised partly by famous food delivery service Kassim Baba known for their KB Live Fest events, you can expect more than just food here. There'll be retail booths selling hijabs, cosmetics and clothes, so you can do some Raya shopping too!

Credit: @nnabilahasr on Instagram

If you're getting something for iftar, we'd recommend heading straight to Yummy Takoyaki which is known for their huge sizes of takoyaki. Not to mention that there's a good balance of flour and meat/octopus that makes it so flavourful. They are really generous with the sauces and bonito flakes too ? If you're craving something a little different, we suggest getting some soft-shell crab mantou and other treats from The Outslider.

Credit: @suhailahsuhaimi on Instagram

Need a refreshing drink? We know just a drink that'll cool you down - Air Jagung Ketagih. The name of the drink refers to "Highly addictive corn milk tea" and it's an interesting twist to your usual milk tea. The drink has been getting rave reviews for its creamy and rich taste, so it's something you have to try!

For those of you looking for some good 'ol Malay treats, you'll be pleased to know that the famous Haig Road Putu Piring will also be setting up shop here ?

Address: 5 Tampines Ave 3, Singapore 529705

Opening hours: 3pm - 9pm

Directions: From Tampines West MRT Station, walk for about 6 minutes to the bazaar.

10. Laloolalang Raya Bazaar, Malay Heritage Centre (16-19 May)

Back for their annual raya bazaar, Laloolalang this year has a nostalgic theme - it's celebrating the Malay music of the 1960s called "pop yeh yeh". So you can expect not just food but also booths selling raya essentials and special performances too.

Credit: @thekatoshka on Instagram

One of the hot favourites at this bazaar is Katoshka. Who can resist their freshly prepared russet fries with mouthwatering sauces? If you're too lazy to make your way to Geylang Bazaar, head over here instead!

Credit: @haziraha.rahim on Instagram

Or perhaps you could get your satay fix from Satayboy instead. If you've always found it a hassle to eat satay using sticks, you'd love their Satay Bowls. A bowl consists of satay meat, ketupat, cucumbers, onions and the satay sauce is poured over, making it a hearty meal ?

For other tasty treats, we recommend heading over to Yummy Takoyaki, The Original Pisang Keju for their delectable cheese fried bananas and GomGomSG for unique and innovative subs!

Address: Malay Heritage Centre, 85 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198501

Opening hours: 4pm - 12am

Directions: From Bugis MRT station, walk about 8 minutes to Laloolalang.

11. CelebFest Ramadhan 2019, Suntec Convention Centre (17-19 May)

Held occasionally every few months, CelebFest is back this Ramadan and it's bigger than ever. You can expect around 200 stalls spread over 3 conventions halls. Plus, around 70 celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will be making their appearance.

Credit: @streetsubmarine on Instagram

Food-wise, one of the stalls we're looking forward to is Street Submarine which was the first eatery in Singapore to serve the viral dessert, Milo Ice Kepal. This rich dessert consists of thick milo concoction at the bottom, shaved ice and milo powder on top. Otherwise, you can always bite into their savoury hotdog subs with yummy flavours like Chilli Rendang, Beef Satay, BBQ Pulled Beef and more.

Credit: @naughtyboyz_ on Instagram

If your palate's craving something cheesy, then head over to Naughty Boyz for some mac and cheese goodness! Then wash down your meal with BOO:EH's creamy butterbeer (non-alcoholic) ?

Address: Halls 401-403, Suntec Convention Centre, 1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Nearest MRT: Esplanade station

12. Mega Raya Expo 2019, Singapore Expo (23-26 May)

Held annually at Singapore Expo, the Mega Raya Expo 2019 will feature more than 100 stalls and you can look forward to various food and beverage offerings from the traditional to more fusion food. There will also be stalls selling Raya clothes, so you can find the Raya outfit that suits you most too ?

There's not much information as to which stalls will be setting up shop at the bazaar but do keep a lookout on their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Address: Singapore Expo Hall 6A, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Nearest MRT: Expo station

13. The Grand Souq, Singapore Expo (31 May - 2 June)

Previously known as The Grand Bazaar, The Grand Souq has almost 300 stalls ranging from food and beverage to Raya kuih, clothes and decorations for your last-minute Raya shopping!

Credit: The Grand Souq on Instagram

Not much has been released about the event this year yet but do keep a lookout for that on their Instagram page. But last year's event saw popular eateries like Yummy Takoyaki, Word Cafe, Naughty Boyz, The Original Pisang Keju, Chulop, BOO:EH so let's hope it'll be just as happening this year ? What's different about The Grand Souq is that you can attend spiritual sharing sessions by various Ustaz and Ustazah, or watch live performances by religious groups. There'll even be mass prayer sessions too to get the most out of this holy month.

Address: Singapore Expo Hall 6A, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Nearest MRT: Expo station

With so many bazaars around Singapore, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice as to which one you should head to first! Did we miss any bazaar? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to SHARE this with all your loved ones so you can plan a great outing to the Ramadan bazaars ?