Ramadan Around the World: Celebrating In A New City


Nia Sarah •  Apr 26, 2021

This article is a part of our "Ramadan Around the World" series. Based on the information sent by Hana Fedora from Taipei, Taiwan through this link, this interview has been edited for length and clarity by Have Halal, Will Travel's editorial team.

For the Malaysian living in Taipei, Taiwan, Ramadan is the "month of blessing" where Muslims are given a bonus month to set intentions, purify souls and work towards getting His rewards as much as possible.

Credit: Hana Fedora

It has been 3 months since Hana Fedora has lived in Taiwan with her husband and three kids where the Covid-19 pandemic cases are low.

Credit: Hana Fedora

Having come from the United Kingdom where she celebrated her previous Ramadans, Hana misses having an iftar meal with the community and performing Tarawih prayers at the mosque, which she has yet to do in Taiwan.

"We are taking it very, very easy since we are now living in a new city. Lots of new things to learn, a new language to acquire and customs to familiarise."

During Ramadan, it's no secret that we struggle to wake up in the wee hours every morning to have our pre-dawn meal. In Taipei, the imsak timing is at 3:50 am. Hana's day begins before that when she wakes her kids and has a simple sahur with her family, before praying and going back to bed. In the morning, she would prepare her children's lunches, and the rest of the day would consist of her taking care and spending time with her kids.

Credit: Hana Fedora

"I used to work when we were living in the UK but now in Taipei, everything is new and needs to be set up. I actually don't know how Eid will be celebrated! We are still new in Taipei and are very excited to see how Eid will unfold here."

Part of what makes up the beauty of Ramadan includes the variety of dishes we get to enjoy, and for Hana, some of her favourite food are dates for sahur and rice with any type of soup to break fast at the end of the day. Her must-haves for Eid include "all the Malay food like Rendang, Pulut and Nasi Impit Kuah Kacang."

For those who are experiencing wanderlust for Taipei, let Hana introduce you to her own recommendations! Those who enjoy sightseeing can visit Elephant Mountain for incredible panoramic views of Taipei, while shoppers can head to Xinyi Anhe near Taipei 101 for family shopping.

To explore Halal options, Hana recommends to visit Dongmen and Taipower Station. "But one restaurant we went to named Kunming near Nanjing Fuxing owned by a Chinese Muslim is such a hidden local gem. It's cheap and very tasty! Especially their curry with chapatti."

If you're on a budget and want to discover the best discounts all over the country, Hana recommends visiting Taiwan in December to March. However "the best time to visit Taiwan is between April to June and September to November when the weather is pleasant and the tourist season isn't at its peak."

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