This Muslim-Owned HBB Sells Rainbow Ang Ku Kueh That Is As Delicious As It Looks


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 14, 2021

The soft, sticky ang ku kueh which translates to “Red Tortoise Cake'', is a small oval-shaped Chinese delicacy that traces its history from Southern Fujian, China before making its way to Southeast Asia. It can be filled with traditional fillings such as mung bean, red bean or peanut.

Nowadays, the ang ku kueh has adapted with time, adding more unique flavours with different colourings as well! This Muslim-owned home-based business has did just that and took it to a whole new level: rainbow ang ku kueh ?.

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Munch On These Chewy, Sticky, Delicious Ang Ku Kuehs

The Wee Hours Bakes has a variety of home-made desserts such as cookies and cakes, but one dessert that stands them out among the rest is their ang ku kueh! There are five flavours for you to choose from: the three classic flavours (mung bean, red bean and peanut) and two unique flavours (taro and gula melaka coconut filling). Your choice of flavour determines the overall colour of your ang ku kueh, with the exception of the original red ang ku kueh with the mung bean, red bean or peanut filling.

Credit: @theweehoursbakes for Instagram

So if you choose taro, you’ll get purple, and if it’s the gula melaka coconut filling, you’ll get green! But if you’re getting the rainbow ang ku kueh, you can choose any of the five flavours! Such special colours deserve a little special treatment, in our opinion. ?

Most of the colourings are made from naturally extracted natural pandan juice and purple sweet potatoes for that starchy, colourful appearance! The skin itself is made with glutinous rice flour, rice flour and sugar to get that sticky, chewy yet won’t-get-stuck-in-your-teeth texture, so eating whenever and wherever you are will be fuss-free. 

Credit: @theweehoursbakes for Instagram

All of their fillings are smooth-tasting, generous, and not too sweet as well! If you would like to try less traditional flavours, taro and gula melaka coconut are the ones that you should definitely go for! If you love taro bubble tea, you would, for sure love their taro filling. The soft texture, and its light, slightly sweet taste would get you scrambling to get more, making it a worthy contender to the bubble tea! ?

Credit: @theweehoursbakes for Instagram

Their newest flavour takes your tastebuds to the next level: gula melaka coconut. Gula melaka itself has a very complex taste that mixes a butterscotch, toffee-like, slightly salty flavour. Pair it up with the milky, nutty coconut cream, and an abundance of flavours burst in your mouth immediately as you sink in for a bite!

Credit: @theweehoursbakes for Instagram

Each ang ku kueh is sold as one piece. The single coloured ones cost $1.20 per piece, while the rainbow-coloured kueh costs $2.50 per piece. Their minimum order is 5 per flavour, but if you really would like to try all their flavours, they would be happy to do so! Do remember to book earlier though because these ang ku kuehs need time to prepare. If we’ve convinced you enough to try this mouthwatering delicacy, head over to their social media pages and check them out! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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