Putra Delicacies In Singapore Sells Mee Rebus With A Whole Bone Marrow In The Gravy For Only $8


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 23, 2022

We all love a hearty meal! And fortunately, Singapore has no shortage of delicious comfort foods at affordable prices. ? If you’re craving for some of the most delicious and unique Mee Rebus dish in the country, Putra Delicacies is a Muslim-owned eatery that offers that and much more at affordable prices, here’s what you have to know!

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Putra Delicacies has various outlets in every corner of Singapore, however, the one with the best views has to be located at Pasir Ris near the coastline! ? The humble eatery has a list of traditional Malay cuisine from Mee Siam to Mee Bak So and much more. But their best and most famous dish by far, has to be their Mee Rebus Tulang which comes with a whole bone marrow included in their gravy. ?

Enjoy the rustling of the seabreeze as you chow down on this tasty traditional dish at their seafront restaurant! Priced at $8 a bowl for their Mee Rebus Tulang, the thick gravy and the tender meat falling off the bone will have you salivating for more. ? The portions are pretty big too so you won’t have to worry about not being satisfied by the end of your meal!

P.S. If you’ve come to visit for their Mee Rebus Tulang, take note that they have a Mee Rebus option without the bone marrow (at $5) so make sure you order the right one!

What’re you waiting for? Let your family and friends know about Putra Delicacies delicious Mee Rebus Tulang by the beach and get a taste of traditional Malay cooking at affordable prices. 

Putra Delicacies

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 125A Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121

Opening hour: Tue-Wed; 9AM-6PM | Thu-Sun; 9AM-11PM | Mon; Closed

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