Your Ultimate Guide To Taking A Ferry To Pulau Pangkor


Cheng Sim •  Feb 26, 2021

Situated off the coast of Perak, Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) is one of the best beach destinations in Malaysia. With swaying coconut trees and lapping waves, it's an amazing destination for family trips, weekend getaways, and romantic staycations. If you're planning to take a ferry to Pulau Pangkor, we're here to show you how!

Pulau Pangkor ferry service

Since it's located off the coast of Perak, you need to take a ferry to reach Pulau Pangkor. Konsortium Mesra Duta and Pan Silver Ferry are two main ferry operators that provide passenger ferry services to Pulau Pangkor. Previously, the ferry services run every 30 minutes to 1 hour but due to the current travel restrictions in Malaysia, both ferry operators limit the departures to 3-4 time slots daily. We recommend checking their latest ferry schedule if you need to take a ferry to Pulau Pangkor.

How to take a ferry to Pulau Pangkor

How to take a ferry to Pulau Pangkor: Take a ferry from Lumut Jetty and disembark at Pangkor Jetty.

Ferry schedule (last updated in Feb 2021)

  • 7:15AM
  • 3:00PM
  • 6:00PM

Ferry fare (one-way)

  • Adult: RM7.50 per adult
  • Child: RM2.50 per child

Duration: 33 minutes (one-way trip)

Where to book: Easybook | Pan Silver Ferry

Optional: How to take a ferry to Marina Island

Visiting Marina Island is a popular day trip activity for anyone who vacations at Pulau Pangkor. Just take a 15-minute ferry service from Pulau Pangkor and explore what this private island has to offer. You can spend time at the Frenzy Waterpark or take part in other leisure activities such as kayaking, canoeing, luxury sailing cruise, scuba diving, cycling and more. There's also a Marina Island Pangkor Hotel & Resort if you decide to spend the night here instead.

How to take a ferry from Pulau Pangkor to Marina Island: Take a ferry from Pangkor Jetty and disembark at Marina Island Jetty Complex (Kompleks Jeti Marina Island)

Ferry schedule (last updated in Feb 2021)

Departing from Pangkor Jetty

  • 6:45AM
  • 1:45PM
  • 5:45PM

Departing from Marina Island Jetty Complex

  • 7:15AM
  • 2:15PM
  • 6:15PM

Ferry fare (round trip)

  • Adult: RM14 per adult
  • Child: RM5 per child

Duration: 10-15 minutes (one-way trip)

Where to book: Pangkor Ferry

We hope this ferry guide will be useful for your next getaway to Pulau Pangkor! If you're looking for places to stay, check out the best resorts in Pulau Pangkor.