[NEW] Family-Friendly Kampong-Cabin Beach Resort In Port Dickson (With A Private Beach!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 03, 2022

If you're not keen on travelling overseas just yet, why not treat yourself to an exclusive beach staycation for your next holiday? Port Dickson has a new cabin beach resort that's unique, cozy and comes with a private beach. No more struggling to find a picnic spot, because you'll have most of the beach all to yourselves!

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Solesor Kampong Beach Resort

Credit: atikahh.nur on Instagram 

Set in a quiet and beautiful nature setting, Solesor Kampong Beach Resort in Port Dickson is the way to have a vacay. Imagine this: you're tired from months of hard work. As you step onto Solesor Kampong Beach Resort's premises, you're led to a lovely, unique cabin by the beach that's filled with everything you need for a day off: a cozy bed, private toilet amenities and most importantly, the private beach! ☀️

Credit: atikahh.nur on Instagram 

After you've unpacked, explore the premises! The oceanside hotel has incredibly aesthetic spots for you to take Instagram-worthy pictures. Because if it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen, right? ?

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One spot you might want to enjoy is the 2 large pools (one for adults and one for kids!) that overlook the ocean and private beach. It even as beanbags around the perimeter for you to watch your kids splash around, or for you to enjoy the warmth of the sun against your skin before taking a dip yourself!

Afterward, head off to take a shower in your cabin's private bathroom, then sit on the porch and watch the sunset go down. Panoramic views of the sunset greet you, and as it grows dark, you settle in for the night. The cozy bed is perfect for two. Plenty of space!

Credit: saldeammar_ on Instagram

At the end of the trip, you decide to commemorate your stay with photos of yourselves against a backdrop of the bright and bold cabins that you'd stayed in during your trip!

Excited to check out this new hotel in Port Dickson? This family-friendly spot is perfect for your next staycation. Share this with your loved ones to plan your next vacay!

Solesor Beach Resort