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5 Ways The PRISM+ Android TV Will Make Staying At Home More Exciting


Ili •  May 10, 2021


Looking for your next home entertainment that'll make staying indoors more exciting? Say hello to PRISM+ - more specifically the PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs. Offering some of the most amazing features at an affordable price, keep on reading to find out how this amazing Android TV can make staying at home fun for everyone ?
1. Enjoy a 4K experience at an affordable price
Credit: PRISM+When it comes to finding the right home entertainment, it’s easy to overspend. But with PRISM+ TVs, going over the budget won’t be a problem considering how affordable they are. By selling directly to customers and skipping the middleman, the cost savings are passed to you! With this, PRISM+ is able to deliver a line of first-rate televisions that are 50% cheaper than most major brands you’ll find out there. At just $769 for a 55” 4K Android TV, you can easily upgrade your home without burning a hole in your wallet.      P.S. Want more options? The PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs also include a 32” version (non-4K) for $379, 43” version for $599, 65” version for $999 and 75” version for $1,699.
2. Catch your favourite films & TV shows on Disney+, Netflix and more
Credit: PRISM+Watching movies and television shows with your loved ones is a great way to bond. With PRISM+ Q Series, you’ll have access to over 5,000 apps on Google Play which includes some of the best apps like Disney+, Netflix, YouTube and HBO. From children’s animated series and documentaries to fantasy films and more, there’s something for everyone! And get this: the Q Series Android TVs come preloaded with Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime - all of which are officially certified to stream 4K content unlike other TVs. Isn’t that amazing? Family bonding just got a whole lot more exciting ?
3. A sleek design to enhance your living space
Credit: PRISM+Giving your house a makeover is all about jazzing up spaces like the living room. Thanks to the premium ZeroBezel design on the PRISM+ Q55-QE model, prepare to take your home aesthetics to the next level and impress your guests this festive season. Did you know that this cutting edge design is typically found in ultra high-end models? That’s right - now, there’s no need to spend more than you have to to get that premium look for your home. 
4. Easy navigation with Google Assistant and built-in Chromecast
Credit: PRISM+You can also have fun with PRISM+ Android TVs using their inbuilt Chromecast feature. How, you ask? Well, this feature simply allows you to cast content from your phone or computer onto the television screen. You’ll be able to share all kinds of fun photos and videos with your loved ones at a high-quality display. Plus, you can still use your devices simultaneously without a problem. As if that wasn’t cool enough, PRISM+ Android TVs also has a Google Assistant feature too. It’s activated purely by voice commands which makes it super convenient for anyone who isn’t too tech savvy or those who rely on voice assistants for their daily activities. Going down memory lane has never been easier, so don’t miss out the chance to do it this Raya ? 
5. Experience a cinematic viewing at home
Credit: PRISM+Make your time at home extra special by recreating a cinematic experience at home with PRISM+ Android TV! With impressive features like 4K UHD Resolution, you can look forward to ultra-crisp and sharp visuals that deliver truest-to-life scenes. Combined with its quantum IPS Panel which enhances images with brighter and more vibrant colours, this automatically makes your TV-watching experience that much more immersive. Now, every car chase, sword battle and kung fu fight is twice as exciting! Giving your house a home entertainment makeover doesn’t have to be costly and PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs are proof of that. You get to save your money AND enjoy all of its awesome features with your loved ones as you celebrate the festivities at home. That’s a win-win if you ask us! So wait no more and visit PRISM+ to get yours today ?This article was brought to you by PRISM+