5 Ways The PRISM+ Smart TV Will Make Your Raya Celebration More Exciting


Ili •  May 08, 2020

We are now entering our third week of Ramadan and as Raya inches closer, it’s time to start thinking of ways you can jazz up your living rooms. Changing up curtains, getting new cushions and decorating the walls are easy enough, but where do you begin when it comes to home entertainment? A 4K Smart TV? Or how about a Digital TV

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Since you’ll naturally be spending more time indoors due to the Circuit Breaker measures, there’s no better way to enjoy this Raya season with your family than to have a PRISM+ TVin your home! With their line of televisions ready to take your festive celebrations to the next level, here’s why you should be saving it a spot in your living room for this coming Raya ?

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1. You get to enjoy a 4K high-quality television at a low cost 

Between shopping for groceries and finding your family’s baju Raya, preparing for the festive season can be a tricky task especially when you’re trying not to overspend. You’ll find yourself huddling over a budget list for days and might end up having to sacrifice a few things from it ? 

But with PRISM+ TVs, you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget! By selling directly to customers, there’s no middle man, and the cost savings are passed to you. Hence, PRISM+ is able to deliver a top-notch line of televisions at unbelievably affordable prices. At just SGD599, the E55 model, a 4K 55” Smart TV, boasts one of the best values you can get in a 4K Smart TV while costing way less than any other brands. 

You’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite K-dramas in Ultra HD with its 4K resolution feature, meaning you’ll get the same high-quality resolution of other top-end models at much cheaper prices. This is coupled with an amazing follow-up service which includes a 3-year onsite warranty - making all of this a major financial win! With ongoing promotions during the Circuit Breaker and Raya period, make sure you head over to their website and place an order before it runs out from overwhelming demand!  

2. You’ll have access to your favourite films and TV shows on Netflix, YouTube & local channels

If there’s one thing that bonds people during the festive season, it’s watching movies and television shows. And for this reason, PRISM+ Smart TV is the perfect device to have in your home this Raya as it offers one-click access to 4K Netflix and YouTube channels. And as if that wasn’t good enough, these apps are officially licensed which ensures high-quality 4K content. This automatically makes your viewing experience much more enjoyable and you’ll be looking forward to bonding with your family over the latest animated blockbuster. 

Want to watch a classic Hari Raya flick instead? Don’t worry, PRISM+ 4K Digital TV also brings you local channels like Suria and more! So once you’re all done with your Raya festivities, unwind with a family movie night and watch some classic Raya films that’ll make you laugh, cry and everything in between ? 

3. The sleek ZeroBezel design makes your living room look cooler

Giving your living room a makeover for Raya means that your aesthetics game has to be on point. Everything from the furniture to the decors, down to your pillows and kuih containers is crucial to getting an Insta-worthy picture that’ll wow your friends and relatives. So, choosing PRISM+ Smart TVs is a good idea since its ZeroBezel design is super-thin and blends seamlessly into the space of any modern home. 

In fact, this particular design is usually only found in OLED TVs which typically cost over SGD4,000 ? So by having this incredible 4K Smart TV from PRISM+ sitting in your living room, it’ll give your home a premium look without you actually spending more than you have to. 

And if you’re thinking of mounting the television onto your wall, PRISM+ has got you covered there as well. Save up to SGD50 on discounted mounting for its TV installation service on top of a discounted delivery and free digital antenna (worth SGD25)! With these promo specials up for grabs, check out their website so you don’t miss out on them. 

4. You feel like you’re at the cinemas with Dolby Surround Sound

While you won’t be able to visit the cinemas during the Circuit Breaker period, why not bring the experience to your home this Raya? Get ready to have your mind blown when you upgrade your living room with a 4K TV from PRISM+ ? Featuring a Dolby audio system, this Smart TV truly makes you feel like you’re at the movie theatres with its cinema-style sound! 

Whether you’re watching Indiana Jones’ many adventurous escapes or the Avengers’ impressive battle scenes, the enhanced sound effects and background music will put you right in the action. Plus, the TV’s 1.07b vibrant colours and HDR technology make everything feel twice as exciting! Creating a cinematic experience at home is not impossible, and with PRISM+ TVs, you’ll be in for a fun ride every single time you turn it on. So grab your favourite Raya cookies, snuggle up onto the couch and prepare for an immersive TV-watching experience. 

5. With wide-view panels, your whole family gets to watch the television comfortably 

If you have a large family, chances are you’ve experienced moments of craning your neck to watch the television screen. And as hard as you try, you always end up squabbling with your siblings to get a better view. The perfect solution to this problem lies within PRISM+. Thanks to its E-series TV range that sports IPS panels, it gives you wider viewing angles, so that despite having a side seat in the living room, you’ll still get a great view of the television screen! Even moments when you’re fixing yourself a plate of rendang or lemang in the middle of a show, watching the TV from the kitchen is not a problem. This means no more missing iconic scenes or memorable lines from here on out. And most importantly, no more fighting with your siblings while watching the television ?

PRISM+ 4K Smart TVs are proof that you don’t have to break the bank when shopping for a top-quality television. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the awesome features of a Smart TV without burning a hole in your pocket. So, as the perfect appliance to have in your living room this festive period, head to PRISM+ to complete your Raya shopping and spruce up your home with one of the best value TVs there is. 

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