This Famous Halal BBQ Steamboat Restaurant In SG Has Moved Locations And Now It's Got A New Menu Item & Musollah (Prayer Space)!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 15, 2021

Not unfamiliar to the halal Thai food steamboat lover is Power Thai BBQ! Serving up the best halal Thai bbq since 2020, it originally called Kembangan home. For a year, they served up tantalising meats, seafoods and soups right across from Kembangan MRT. Now however, they've moved straight to heart of the East, making it accessible for any Eastie craving for amazing food and a lively atmosphere.

New Location & A Musollah!

As of 1st October, Power Thai BBQ's moved locations from Jalan Masjid to Simpang Bedok! Now they've got a larger space for you and your loved ones tot enjoy hearty meals, and an atmosphere buzzing with life for you to have a good time out.

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If you're visiting for the first time and don't know what to get, their Platter is just what you need. ? For just $25 you get 17 ingredients! This includes mouth-watering meats like Beef Brisket, Garlic Chicken, and their signature Special Sauce Chicken and BBQ steamboat classics like Prawns, Sotong, and Quail Eggs too!

You could also try their new menu item,Power Thai BBQ Beef for just $4.50! Order it with your platter to complete your feast ?

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A fan of seafood? Add on their fresh Scallops ($5.90) or Mussels ($3.90) to customize your BBQ steamboat exactly the way you like it ? Don't forget to add on some of their rich Tom Yum Soup ($2), it's so flavourful you get the authentic Thai experience with every slurp!

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Credit: Power Thai BBQ on Instagram

P.S. Their new outlet also has a Musollah! So after an inevitably filling meal, approach any of their staff members to be guided to their prayer room. Don't worry about your wudhu (ablutions) too! The musollah is equipped with toilet facilities for you to prepare for prayer in peace ?

Credit: Power Thai BBQ on Facebook

So if you're looking to have an amazing dinner and don't want to rush off for your prayers, Simpang Bedok is definitely the place to head to! Power Thai BBQ's delicious food and convenient prayer space will definitely leave your heart, mind and tummy satisfied ?

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Power Thai BBQ 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


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431 Yishun Ave 1 #01-01, Singapore 760431

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