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Plan Your Trip On FlyKLIA - The Ultimate Walkthrough


Atiqah •  Jan 18, 2017


Planning your trip always requires lots of tireless research and ample time. But with travel websites like FlyKLIA.com, you don’t have to scour the entire Internet to get relevant information!
Credit: giphy Ah, have we caught your interest?? Expect to find interesting content on different destinations and search for cheap flights all on one site. Plan your trip with FlyKLIA easily using our step-by-step guide below!
1. Personalising your journey
Before you can check out the website’s other cool features, you must first sign up for an account! Either log in using your Facebook account or create a new one. Select ‘plan your trip’ and you’ll be prompted to type in where you’d like to go within Malaysia. Now, don’t worry, you’ll be able to access content from all over Southeast Asia later on!
2. Select your travel mood(s)
Next, select what sort of mood you’re in (we’d personally choose “I live to eat”?)! There’s multiple moods you can choose from, to cater towards varying interests.
Oh, and you can choose more than one mood! FlyKLIA will then filter their content based on the mood(s) you’ve selected.
3. Time to do some research!
Now that FlyKLIA has done the content filtering for you, you can read up on relevant articles! From where to find yummy eateries, the best attractions to exciting activities, you’ll be able to plan your trip easily! Plus, the articles are submitted by users so the information you’re reading is unique and might even feature insider tips by locals?
[P.S. We’ve shared 4 Muslim-friendly eateries which we highly recommend in Seoul on FlyKLIA.com so do check it out!] Aside from that, you can also browse for content using the search bar or specific tags! Tags include art and culture, adventure and outdoor, beach, food, shopping and nightlife.
Remember when we mentioned you can access content on Southeast Asia? Just type in, for example, Bangkok, in the search bar and you’ll find a 4D3N itinerary! Other convenient features include finding the cheapest flights, best hotel deals and transportation hiring, all on one site ?
4. Avoid information overload and save it for later!
Too much information to absorb at once? You can add any article to your favourites and read it later! Now there’s no need to frantically browse through every tag searching for that one article you need ?
Or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the article, feel free to leave a comment! Sharing is caring right? ?
5. Share your experience with the FlyKLIA community
FlyKLIA provides an interesting platform for exchanging of user to user content. Came across an amazing café with the cutest snacks or accidentally discovered a hidden gem?  Share your finds with other travellers by publishing a post! To do so, click on your profile and add a journey. You can select the post category, add your own photos and pretty much create your own content! Once you’re done, submit the post and wait for approval ? Who knew FlyKLIA.com had so many amazing features? Still unconvinced? Check out the website and try out the features for yourself!
Credit: giphyThis article was brought to you by FlyKLIA.com.