6 Truly Amazing Places To Visit On Your Next Trip To Miri


Cheng Sim •  Jul 26, 2020

There are many amazing attractions to visit in Miri, known as the second-largest city in Sarawak, Malaysia. Well-loved for its nature attractions, charming towns and lively coffee shops, this city has just about everything for any type of traveller. If you're excited to see what's in store for you, check out our list of awesome places you should visit on your next trip to Miri!

1. Niah National Park

Ask anyone about the most popular nature attraction in Miri and they're likely to say Niah National Park is a must-visit. Besides being the place where the earliest human settlement (as early as 40,000 years ago) was discovered, the national park is also known for its massive caves!

Boasting one of the world's largest cave entrances, there are a number of caves that are open to visitors. At The Great Cave, you can walk on the wooden plank walk to see spectacular rock formations and hear the squeaking of the bats and swiftlets. Also not to be missed is the Painted Cave where you can see ancient paintings that document the journey to the afterlife.

2. Mulu National Park

Named after Mount Mulu, which is the second-highest mountain in Sarawak, Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by the rainforest of Borneo, this nature spot has a unique sight. Check out the jagged limestone formations that are an amazing sight to behold. The Mulu pinnacles are just one of the reasons why locals and tourists love to hike the mountain

Other than the Mulu pinnacles, the Mulu National Park is also known for its enormous caves especially the Deer Cave that has the world's largest cave passage and Clearwater Cave that is said to be one of the world's longest caves.

3. Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Reef

Sarawak is blessed with many amazing diving sites too, and one of them is Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Reef. With an average visibility of 10 to 30 metres, this place is brimming with beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine life.

There are many diving sites to explore including the Eve's Garden where you can spot leather corals and giant anemones as well as the Belais Reef that has angelfish, lizardfish and batfish swimming about. If you're interested to visit someday, the best time to visit Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Reef is between late March and November.

4. Mount Murud

If you love exploring the hiking trails in Malaysia, make sure to add Mount Murud to your bucket list. Standing tall as the highest mountain in Sarawak, conquering the trails is no easy feat. Hiking experience is required, and you need to hire a guide and porter in Bario or Bakelalan to reach the summit.

Situated in the Kelabit Highlands area, you're also likely to find unique pitcher plants in various shapes and sizes. As the locals believe that Mount Murud is a sacred and holy mountain, it's best to respect the mountain's surrounding nature and not ruin these plants along the way.

5. Lambir Hills National Park

There are many stunning national parks to visit in Malaysia, and Lambir Hills National Park is an underrated gem in Sarawak. Just 32km off Miri, this national park is famous for its lowland dipterocarp rainforest and amazing plant biodiversity. Home to many birds, insects and reptiles, the best way to immerse in the beauty of Lambir Hills National Park is by exploring the nature retails.

What's fascinating about the nature trails in Lambir Hills National Park is that it often leads to beautiful waterfalls and bathing pools. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose between a 15-minute hike to Latak Waterfall and a 4-hour climb to Bukit Lambir.

6. Tusan Beach

Located about an hour’s drive away from the Miri, Tusan Beach is known for the Blue Tears phenomenon. Even though the sea does not glow at night anymore, many people still drive to the beach for its peace and serenity. It was also famous for its rock formation named 'Horse Head Drinking Water', which sadly collapsed in February 2020 due to natural erosion.

This beach is truly a paradise for those who want to admire the beautiful sunset. Compared to other popular beaches in Miri like Tanjong Lobang and Luak Esplanade, Tusan Beach is an unknown gem that continues to leave visitors amazed!

If you're planning to explore a different side of Sarawak, we hope you'll have the best time visiting these attractions in Miri! To complete your East Malaysian adventure, check out our recommended reads below.