10 Stores In KL For All Your Muslimah Swimwear Needs


Atiqah Mokhtar •  Jun 28, 2019

[Updated 10 February 2022]

Finding Muslimah swimwear in Malaysia has long been a tricky issue. Growing up, we remember how difficult it was to find a bathing suit that went beyond one-piece suits, bikinis, or two-piece ensembles that were either too short or sleeveless!

But we've come a long way since then, and now there are many places where you can find Muslimah swimwear in Malaysia. Plus, online shopping has also made it accessible! We took to our Instagram to ask our readers their recommendations on where to buy modest Muslimah swimwear in KL, and so many shared their go-to spots. We're proud to share this compiled list, so you'll never have to worry about where to get your Muslimah swimwear from again ?

Note: The list is categorised by either physical stores (for those who prefer to try on clothes before purchasing) as well as online shops. Do note that the following online stores may also have a physical store available and are clearly marked accordingly. 

Muslimah Swimwear Stores In KL

Physical Stores

1. Decathlon

Credit: decathlon.my on Instagram

Ever since Decathlon, one of the largest sports retailers in the world, came on the scene in KL, it has become a much-loved place for buying anything sports-related. With a large variety of items spanning across any sport (be it hiking, swimming, strength-training, yoga, and so much more), you can get them all at affordable prices!

Decathlon stocks swimwear of all varieties, including Muslimah-friendly options! Whether you're looking for long swimming leggings or a long-sleeved swimming top, the store carries a good variety of Muslimah swimwear, which makes them a reliable source for your swimwear needs.

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address:Check out their website for all outlet locations

Shop online: Website

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2. Ogival

Ogival is a homegrown brand in Malaysia that has been supplying swimwear since the 1970s! Known for selling swimwear, swim gear, and other fitness wear, the company has quickly grown to become one of the most widely available swimwear labels throughout the country, with their products sold in departmental stores such as Isetan (at The Gardens and KLCC) and Metrojaya. They also have standalone stores in several locations in KL!

The best thing about Ogival is the variety of Muslimah swimwear options available, from simpler designs to colourful printed ones. Whether you're looking for a cute rash guard (like the one above), or you prefer something looser and more modest that's been specifically tailored for the Muslimah audience, there's something for everyone! They also sell Muslimah swim caps too ?

Address: Check out their website for all outlet locations

Shop online: Website

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3. Sun Paradise

Sun Paradise is a chain of stores in Malaysia selling swimwear from a range of brands, most notably Arena, Sunseeker and Tabata. The store sells a wide range of swimwear including more modest pieces, from burkini sets (that come with hoods and are of a looser fit) to separate tops (with long sleeves) and bottoms (including  3/4 and full-length leggings), so you can choose which ones suit you best! Their items tend to be pricier, however with brands like Arena, you'll be getting athlete-class gear that will sure to last!

Opening hours: Check out their website for all opening hours

Address: Check out their website for all outlet locations

Shop online: Website

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Online stores

4. Lilit

Credit: @lilit_woman on Instagram

This store's elegant designs will leave you in love! Their layered swim top in black is double layered at the front for maximum modesty, and is even nursing friendly! The best part? Its made out of material that is lightweight, breathable and will not stick to your body. ?

The top can be paired with their beautiful set of swim pants! The attached skirt with swim leggings is high-waisted and allows for easy movement in the water. Plus, as the name suggests, it has an attached skirt designed to cover parts of your legs!

Shop online: Website

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5. Bella Ammara BAkini Swimwear

Credit: @bakinihq on Instagram

Completely tailored with the modest Muslimah in mind, BAkini is the brainchild of popular Malaysian Muslimah clothing brand Bella Ammara (the BA in BAkini stands for Bella Ammara!). This Muslimah swimwear line has thoughtful details incorporated, such as an extra layer of fabric covering the chest area, ties or buttons on the side where you can pin down the shirt (so it doesn't float upwards in the water), and cuffed sleeves and leggings.

The latest range of Muslimah swimwear, BAkini 2.0, has hidden zippers that make it easier for those who are breastfeeding to do so. Don't worry, the range is not just restricted to mothers, anybody can wear them!

Shop online: Website

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6. MatsallehDesign

The cheekily-named MatsallehDesign came onto the scene in 2018 and has since been gaining popular attention. It's easy to see why as this brand which specialises in modest Muslimah swimwear has some amazingly beautiful designs! Founded by a Lithuanian based in KL, the brand strives to balance modesty with fun and fashion, resulting in some beautiful pieces.

With their wide selection of swimming hijabs and turbans that come in a variety of colours as well as swimwear package which includes a top, hijab and pants, you can be assured to find something here that'll suit your needs and your taste ?

Shop online: Website (The store also ships internationally!)

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7. Mis Claire

Mis Claire is where you can go to find plus size Muslimah swimwear in Malaysia. This online shop offers a beautiful array of clothes catering to full-figured ladies! Besides having a variety of casual, office and sleepwear items, the brand (which has sizes from XL to 7XL) also offers activewear including swimsuits!

The cutely named Dolphin Active Swimming Body Suit is a one-piece that comes with a skirt, cutting a flattering shape that still remains modest. While Mis Claire is primarily an online boutique, they also have a physical store located in Petaling Jaya!

Shop online: Website

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8. Pink N' Proper

Pink N' Proper is a Malaysian swimwear brand founded in 2011. In addition to a range of conventional swim and beachwear, the brand also carries a whole line of modest swimwear catering to the Muslimah audience ?

Their line of Muslimah swimwear comes with ties at the side to make sure it's secure while you're frolicking in the water, and they come with a swim cap too. Don't forget to check out Pink N' Proper's cute beach accessories too, including sunhats and beach shawls.

#HHWT Tip: Pink N' Proper is also available on FashionValet, ZALORA, 11Street, Shopee and Lazada!

Shop online: Website

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9. Poplook

Poplook has become a name synonymous with modest fashion, especially during Raya time when they roll out their beautiful baju kurung! But did you know they also offer sportswear and swimwear? ?

Their current line of Muslimah swimwear comprises separate pieces that you can mix and match to your liking ? Poplook also has four physical stores in KL, in case you want to check out their swimwear (and other clothes!) in person.

Shop online: Website (The store ships internationally too, including free shipping to Australia and Indonesia!)

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10. Haleema Muslimah Swimwear

Formerly known as House of Muslimah Swimsuit, Haleema Muslimah Swimwear is the place to go for modest swimwear in Malaysia. Browse their online catalogue and you'll find long sleeve tops and relaxed, loose-fit pants in various prints and colours. Aside from that, they also sell Muslimah swim caps, swimming socks as well as swimwear for men and children.

Shop online: Website

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Bonus: Muslimah swimwear brands from around the world!

The retailers we covered in our list today are all based in Kuala Lumpur. But there are also other makers of awesome Muslimah swimwear from other parts of the world! Our audience shared some brands based in Singapore such as Haneeza and GLOWco.!

Hailing from Indonesia, don't miss out on brands like Noore Hijab. Other favourite mentions from even further afield include East Essence, which we've also covered in a previous list of global Muslimah swimwear brands.

In 2019, Nike also launched their very own line of modest swimwear called the Nike Victory Swim Collection! The line includes the Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit along with options for separate pieces, namely the Nike Victory Swim Hijab, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings. HHWT had the chance to test out the collection in the beautiful waters of the Maldives, and you can read our review here!

And there you have it! Now we have a plethora of brands providing an amazing array of Muslimah swimwear in Malaysia. There's nothing stopping you from having the perfect swimwear for your next beach retreat or island getaway in Malaysia!