TikTok User Shares How Empty Arab St Is Right Now, Looks Like A 'Ghost Town'


Faruq Senin •  May 26, 2021

As Singapore is now in Phase 2 Heightened Alert and dine-ins are not allowed, the places that are usually crowded are now empty again. Though retail shops are allowed to open and you can still head out in groups of 2, this period definitely brings us back to last year's Circuit Breaker.

Recently, TikTok user, @firdausbunny shared a video of the Arab Street/Kampong Gelam neighbourhood on a Sunday, the first day of Phase 2 Heightened Alert, and it looks completely different from the usual. Check out his video here. 

Although the area is usually bustling with activity on weekends, Firdaus mentioned in his video that it was "literally a ghost town" at 8PM on a Sunday.

For frequent visitors to the Kampong Gelam neighbourhood (like us!), it'll probably feel a little strange to walk around the area without the usual crowd.

Though it's for the better that Singaporeans are staying home during this period, we're sure many of you are missing the neighbourhood's bustling atmosphere too!

In the TikTok video, @firdausbunny also shared that he purchased a $1 batik mask and Broti's new drink, Tropicano.

It's definitely a good reminder that retail shops and eateries are still open during this period and that we should try our very best to support them, especially those around downtown Singapore.

As dine-ins are not allowed during Phase 2 Heightened Alert and social gatherings are capped at 2 people, most of these businesses have suffered a decline in profits. Perhaps, this is also a good opportunity to find hidden gems and support the shops that you might not have frequented before.

While we can't wait to dine out and head out in bigger groups, let's not forget to support our local eateries and businesses during this period! Check out our articles to support them: